Social media adds to the chaos around Coronavirus

Social media adds

People have to be very careful while tweeting and texting anything about Coronavirus, as the Chinese Government had not taken this lightly and was confronting anyone who was willingly spreading wrong and absurd messages about coronavirus. There had been protests and revolts going on after the outbreak of the virus, though the spread of such false messages would not be entertained. The situation is already tender and needs to be dealt with carefully.

People had taken to social media platforms such as twitter and we chat to share manipulated information about coronavirus and their state. The Chinese Government has taken this matter seriously and is confronting anyone who had shared a tweet or a message about the same. There had been online protests going on after the death of whistleblower Li Wenliang that had received angry reaction which had then been taken down swiftly by the government.

It was also stated in Vice, that no matter how benign a post was, the effect could be devastating given the current conditions in China. These social platforms were being used to spread faux messages and create panic amongst the already panic-stricken Chinese Residents.

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