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Softline India

Enterprises today, more than ever, are faced with the decision to transform every aspect of their business to address the new age challenges they face. While transformation could be at various levels, IT or digital continues to be considered as the single-most important aspect that could help organizations survive in the new world. In the quest to this transformation, companies with “cloud on the mind” had been lured by the vast promises associated with cloud computing – cost savings, efficiency, ubiquitous accessibility, etc. While addressing needs, enterprises were pushed with a plethora of unstructured business applications and systems either developed in-house or serviced by expensive, rigid solutions. This left much of the promise of cloud limited to the “cost” domain rather than the transformation domain. The search for a solution provider ready to provide flexible business transformation solutions in an on-the-go model continues.
In a growing & hyper-creative market like India there is always the need for an enterprise solutions partner who can address all the business transformational needs in a “as-a-service” model. Softline India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Softline International aims to address this need. Softline is a global IT Solutions provider focused on emerging markets spanning Eastern Europe, Central Asia,  Latin Americas, India and South East Asia covering 80 cities within 30 countries. Softline offers private and public cloud solutions, integrated technology solutions, cybersecurity, software licensing within an encompassing managed services model. With revenue of approximately USD 1 Billion, Softline clients include 60,000+ private and governmental organizations of all scales – from large enterprises to small and medium businesses. Softline has a presence in over 30 countries and 82 cities around the world.
A Technology Company Implementing Business Transformational Solutions
Softline offers a diverse portfolio of cloud computing services such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, virtualization, collaboration, security, mobility through a choice of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud based on our customer’s needs. We also offer perpetual and subscription licensing for a full range of software products, such as operating systems, virtualization, security, business productivity and others, ensuring existing investments are optimized while addressing new requirements. In addition, we provide services, such as IT asset management, implementation, consulting, IT outsourcing, technical support, managed services and training. Unique to their India operations is their strategic tie-ups with “born-in-the-cloud” application providers to offer various business transformational solutions in a managed services model.
Softline Services India (P) Ltd, is headquartered out of Mumbai with offices in Bangalore, Delhi & NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune. Core to Softline India is its passion to drive measurable business value to its customers through digital transformation and in the process, create a beneficial and sustainable value through each client engagement. Its years of cumulative experience with Microsoft technologies enable the company to help clients recoup their investment on Microsoft technologies and reap maximum ROI.
The company today collaborates with over 400+ clients in India transforming businesses digitally and delivering 100%+ year-over-year growth for its internal and external stakeholders. Softline India is also a recipient of many awards having being recognized by Microsoft as the ‘Best Cloud Partner’ 2 years in a row.
Wide Range of Exemplary Services
Softline marries the power of the cloud to business transformational solutions to address business problems in a pay as you go model. Some of the solutions include:

  • Softline Virtual Office: It is a ready-to-use productivity, collaboration & employee engagement platform combining the power of Microsoft platform charged on monthly basis. The offering includes corporate email, unified communication, corporate portal, HRMS and Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office 365: Office 365 includes a complete suite of offerings delivered from the cloud to make your office available when and where you need it. It includes Exchange for email and applications, OneDrive for storage, Lync & Skype for audio and video communication & SharePoint for portals and collaboration.
  • ActiveCloud: Softline Group has its own Cloud Brokerage and Orchestration platform ActiveCloud which enables enterprises to manage their multiple SaaS offerings through a single unified platform giving the IT department complete control on their various subscriptions. ActiveCloud enables world class services to more than 30,000 customers and 60,000 active subscriptions. Company’s services portfolio displays the most advanced solutions like IaaS, clustering and high availability, enterprise grade virtualization, CDN, SaaS, virtual desktops (DaaS) and more.
  • Managed Services for Cloud: Softline’s deep relationship with Microsoft ensures that they provide the best service and support on Azure platform including IaaS, SaaS and

A Steadfast and Zealous Leader
Vinod Nair is the MD of Softline India, who has been with the company since it started its operations in India about 3 years back. With Softline, he laid out a very optimistic and constructive charter of building an organization of tech strategists, delivery experts and with a strong GTM of helping clients transform their businesses through the use of digital solutions. Within 3 years of its operations, Softline is a preferred advisor to 400+ customers in India.
With a rich experience in the field of solution integration, Vinod is of the view that there is no better time to be in the digital transformation space in India. “Our view is that in a country like India there is no better time to hone your skills in this space. The type of possibilities that cloud throws up to organization specifically in the SME space is limitless. We have about 160,000 companies with 100-1000 employees in India who are ripe for embracing digital transformation & any organization providing clear value in this space will be a winner. The important aspect would be to identify the solutions in the space that will provide maximum revenue impact to the customers. We are witnessing an upswing in the business cycle and it is my strong belief that enterprises will shift focus from cost optimization to productivity improvement or solutions providing direct revenue impact. As far as skills in this space are concerned, open source, analytics, business intelligence are definitely top of the pack.”
The Diligence to Provide the Best
Softline works with clients closely to create the right IT solutions like websites, portals, e-commerce systems, mobile applications to name a few, supporting the core business objectives like cost reduction, customer acquisition, process optimization, customer relations, quality improvement just to name a few.
Being a trusted brand with 24+ years’ of experience in IT, recognized by customers and manufacturers and is a leading international brand in the IT market with an extensive network of branches and representative offices, Softline is always in the proximity to offer a wide range of services in technical support, training, and consulting. They leverage businesses with the help of their extensive experience in Cloud and virtualization, Mobility, Big Data and Analytics, Security and other emerging technologies.
Envisioning More Expertise for Constant Development and Evolution,
Softline feels that they are already ahead of the curve, assessing the amount of investment they are doing globally around building core expertise on emerging technologies and platforms. They have built strong foundations at the Corp level as well as the Subsidiary level where they have CoE’s for key technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Security, etc. At Softline, they have over 3000 partners globally to service their clients – this positions them uniquely and makes them as a one-stop-shop to provide and service all tech requirements to the clients.

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