Some Trends that will Propel Digital Advertising

While it derives to digital in India, we are at a stimulating locus in time. Books and apparel are bought via E-commerce. Music, videos streaming and games are enjoyed online. Our everyday lives are so digitized that a big chunk of India’s common people when it emanates to their daily lives, digital is the approach to go. In point, there could not have been a healthier interval to drive digital in India.
Identifying this trend and the information that comes in digital ways, particularly mobile is where their audience is, and marketers have engaged this route too. According to a recent report, digital advertising in India had hit the market by the end of the year; way ahead of the global digital growth rate increased during the same period.
Organizational focus on the Digital Advertising Path

Digital marketing targets peoples over the Internet. Their buying and selling tactics totally materializes online. It is not even a wonder, to find E-commerce importance in the pack of volume of digital advertising services in India, surveyed by Telecom and Banking sector.
Though, what arises as a surprise is the fact that the share of digital advertising from the complete advertising spends for BFSI is leading as compared to other industry verticals, even E-commerce, which arises a close second.
This is because nowadays Internet (bank/financial services website, blogs, media websites) is the initial point for the consumer’s pre-purchase journey. The BFSI sector has been swift to gauge the shift in consumer intent for purchase and is responding by shifting its marketing emphasis to digital and will endure to do so as additional of its services go digital.
As Indian consumers happen to be increasingly fluctuating to digital, mobile has been their favored medium for accessing digital content and services. If you want to find your related consumer today, mobile is the place to be. On the other hand, cumulative consumption means more opportunity to engage the consumer via video. Furthermore, as a medium itself, video advances to an amusing mode and immersive engagement capability which makes for a very operative marketing medium.
People’s Engagement in Digital Advertising

A reason why digital advertising, especially on mobile, is increasing is because users are more amenable to it. There has been a considerable growth in consumers who sense that significance with digital ads has enlarged for them and these ads are helping them find the right product and assisting them in improved purchasing decisions. Many see these ads as informative and unlike traditional media such as television, digital media deals a superior volume of tractability over viewing or not viewing an ad.
Digital ads with more enhancement

The report also spots that ads on social networking and mobile are seeking the maximum in terms of digital advertising. More people click on these ads, engross with them and more of such ads have resulted in a purchase. In fact, 90% of those who have seen an ad on a social networking site have clicked and seen it while 79% of those who have seen a mobile ad have clicked and looked for more information.
Everything specified above pretty much concludes fact that the digital advertisement is the superior future for marketers to involve consumers. However, what is interesting is how industry sectors whose mainstay is digital are going guns blazing with digital ad spends and the role of mobile as a focus everything digitization in the country. For those marking out a digital advertising strategy, this should certainly help adopt where your focus should be.

-Sachin Bhandare

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