Somesh Ganti: Empowering Organizations through People Economics

Somesh Ganti
Somesh Ganti

Somesh was chosen among the 30 HRs. For him, it is still a surreal feeling. According to him, the first thing people think of when they say HR is someone who does the people’s economics of the organization. Well, what rightly involves a major contribution of the same, they not just hold that, but also form the organization’s backbone. 

In today’s era, a multitude of work like Change Management, Talent Acquisition, Employee relations, Business advisory and Culture Pioneering, etc., are all part of this role, which Somesh says proudly stands for the same. 

Working in Retail, Telecom, E-Commerce and Digital Products domains helped gain enormous knowledge and exposure to business and HR problem-solving.

What makes him worthy of receiving the recognition are factors like

  • Philosophy Formulation, Strategy and Implementation of Career Development Framework and Policy. Impacting more than sixty thousand employees across geographies.

  • Strategy and implementation of Campus recruitment for Product Managers from Premium Business schools.

  • Enabled AI Team business scaling in the hiring and onboarding

  • Improving the existing processes by making an efficient systems

  • Implementing the Campus Intern Strategy at Premium Engineering Institutes.

It might come as a wonder. How and Why HR?

He explains that to be a people person, you must first have a vision and strategic thinking. Take the risk and then inspire others. He was often surrounded by many leaders who aimed to help make a difference. Somewhere in his early 20s, he remembers. With a young mind, an impactful message by inspiring individuals was the one that brought him to this stage. To serve people in an organizational setup is Somesh’s motto. 

Now, as an individual, he contributes towards each employee’s learning, celebrating, and growth. He feels It’s an honor to be recognized for such a prestigious position. He will ensure to continue working with all his potential.

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