STEPapp: Revolutionizing the K-12 Education in India

Praveen Tyagi, Founder, and CEO of EduisFun Technologies[EdTech product, education, India, STEPapp, learning program, government schools, education systems]
Praveen Tyagi | Founder | CEO | EduisFun Technologies

Imagine yourself at a young age, probably sitting in front of the TV with a connected controller in hand. You just rescued the Princess from Bowser in Super Mario Bros. Now, imagine the satisfaction you get at the end when you beat that villain. At that age, it is the greatest reward you will ever receive after arduous work.

In such games, our brain gets directly involved, engaged, keeps itself relevant and charismatic to capture the attention for long. Similarly, due to the fun element of video games, children remain hooked up to them for long and master its nitty-gritty effortlessly. Now, the question that arises is what would happen if children were to study with the idea of the same fun incorporated in their studies?

Well, with the answers to the said question in mind, Praveen Tyagi, Founder, and CEO of EduisFun Technologies has developed STEP (Student Talent Enhancement Program) app, a revolutionary EdTech product focused on gamification of learning.

Developed by a team of 400+IITians and doctors, the app levels the playing field for children in accessing high-quality education at an affordable cost. All of this in a fun and engaging way to encourage optimal learning outcomes in students. With access to every child in the country, STEPapp encourages students, engages parents, and enablers to ensure students reach their full potential, anytime and anywhere.

Born of a Champion

Mr. Tyagi is an educationist, a man with a vision to make quality education available to even the most distant parts of India. Hailing from a modest background, he has come a long way to become a well-known name in the field of education. His contributions through Pace – IIT and Medical, have been recognized and appreciated by IIT Bombay, the CBSE and top International Universities such as Stanford, MIT, etc. After 20 years of leading students to elite institutions, his vision has now expanded to strengthening the pillars of education in India through STEPapp.

His creation, the STEPapp has been welcomed and appreciated by leading schools, top businessmen, and government officials. With excellent features such as gamification, personalization, digital learning, rewards and scholarships, and engaging content, he is committed to impacting the lives of Indian students.

Built for Students

STEPapp has been developed after five years of extensive efforts with PACE classrooms and 10000+ students who have played the games and helped in improving the product by giving their valuable feedbacks. The app provides Math and Science curricula in India, mapped to National and State boards, to help students understand and achieve intellectual understanding in a fun way.

STEPapp Concepts is the gamified learning program for grades 6th-10th mapped to the Math and Science syllabus of CBSE and ICSE. It breaks down tough concepts into easy to understand capsules and then tests the children on their learning in a gamified format. Students cannot move on to the next learning capsule until they answer all questions correctly. And hence, it ensures that the kids have conceptual clarity before they move on.

To elaborate on the benefits of STEPapp:

Personalized, Gamified, and Adaptive Learning

Learning is made fun and easy for kids through STEPapp’s engaging gamified platform. STEPapp is interactive and automatically adapts to the requirements of children with different learning abilities.

Mapped to School Curriculum

STEPapp Concepts is mapped to the curriculum of school boards (CBSE and ICSE). STEPapp Scholarships follow an overlapping syllabus of key Math and Science concepts.

Conceptual Clarity

As said before, the content has been created by a team of 400+ IITians and doctors who have worked for over five years on the concept delivery in a unique gamified format. This enables a child to learn concepts in a fun way and develop conceptual clarity. Consequently, coming out with enhanced performance in school exams, especially competitive exams.

Rewards and Scholarships

STEPapp Scholarships award 10,000 students from each grade (5th to 11th) with scholarships ranging from ₹ 5,000 to ₹ 1 crore.

Detailed Progress Reports

Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are summarized and communicated to the parents and teachers along with detailed reports of each chapter instantly via SMS and email.

Mentorship and Guidance

Winners are mentored by the experts for continued educational success.

The Story So Far

STEPapp has been successfully implemented at various private and government schools, including numerous NDMC Schools and Eklavya Model Residential Schools. Students have been loving the application and their feedback has been heart-warming.

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