Steps to Retain Good Employees in Order to Reach Optimum Levels of Success

“A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.” –Tammy Cohen, Author
Leadership, pro-activeness, positive attitude and flexibility are few of the many exceptional qualities of a good employee. They are self-motivated individuals who do not hesitate from taking up any kind of responsibilities or even facing crisis, whatsoever. But at the end of the day, employees are humans too. Like any other employee, good employees also get disengaged at times. In order to feel contented and satisfied at the workplace, they feel the need of certain recreational tasks or activities which can help them enhance their competency. If they do not find the necessary contentment and reasons to continue working, they often quit their job and hop on to another company which they may find better than the former. According to a research, businesses having unhappy employees often deliver poor quality services to customers.
In order to retain such great employees and keep the company moving on the right path, all organisations ought to consider certain crucial steps. These steps can enhance the overall performance of the organisation by giving the necessary satisfaction, respect and recognition to important employees and also in turn inspire other employees and staff members to work efficiently.
Effective Communication
Effective and consistent communication is the key for employee engagement. It gives the employees an idea of how important their work is for the company. Communication between managers and superiors is as important as communication between teammates and colleagues. No amount of perks will persuade an employee to stay if there is lack of communication among them and managers. A regular talk with managers regarding not just work and assignments but also other concerned issues will help retain employees for a long period of time. Both forms of communication, verbal and non-verbal, are important in raising the morale of employees. A consistent communication among employees keeps them connected and updated with all the facets of the organisation. This helps in understanding the organisation and its structure in a better way. Hence, a clear, regular and productive communication gives ample amount of reasons for employees to not leave the company.
Clarity in Job Expectations
Often, employees are not made clear about the importance of the role they play in an organisation. This often leads to ambiguity within employees. If this feeling is not resolved for a long time then it leads to boredom and finally disengagement. In order to avoid this, organisations need to convey an accurate description of what kind of work do they expect from an employee. They need to ensure that employees understand what their brand stands for so that the employees themselves become the first donors of word-of-mouth advertising. This should go on till employees have really understood their part and its significance for the growth of the organisation. Once employees get the clear picture of their tasks then nothing can stop them from being inclined towards the same company even for years.
Feedbacks and Rewards
Before building a strong relationship with clients and partners, companies need to focus on building one with their employees. This is possible by giving them feedbacks whenever necessary. Honest and regular feedbacks will help good employees to keep up their good work. It gives them a kind of motivation to move forward and achieve something for themselves and their company. It also helps them assess their work willingly. Lack of feedbacks will keep them in the dark side of understanding their errors or shortcomings, if any.
In order to retain pure talent, companies need to provide their employees with regular rewards. Rewards do not always imply raise in salary, bonus or equity. Monetary benefits are necessary but in order to maintain goodwill and loyalty, employees need to be rewarded with sincere appreciation and acknowledgment. According to a research, people tend to change their job after just three years. To avoid this, many companies indulge into various forms of rewards like taking care of employee’s family, providing free vacations, enhancing employee safety and promoting employee health. This will boost longevity and help retain staff.
Creating Growth Opportunities
Good and talented employees must be given ample amount of opportunities to learn and grow because they in turn are pivotal drivers of growth and improvement in any organisation. This can be done by giving them new and exciting challenges on a regular basis. This will increase their competency and enhance their ability of approaching a particular project. Companies need to take care of financial, professional and personal growth of employees so as to keep them on board for long. Employee’s skills can also be polished by investing in conferences, mentoring programs and online courses to name a few. Basically, companies need to assure all of their employees that there are plenty of career development opportunities for them and that they can grow along with the company. This will favour both the company and its employees; employees feel contented and no longer feel to quit. As a result, companies succeed in retaining their pure talent.
Along with following these steps for a better tomorrow, it is also important to know the reasons behind retaining the talented employees. Employees who are experts in their zone of work are an asset to the company. This is because after working for quite some time they start becoming loyal towards the organisation. When a client deals with a good employee for many occasions, it builds a good rapport between them. In case the same employee quits then it becomes difficult or time consuming for the client in tuning with a new recruit. After appointing a new recruit, companies also need to give in a lot of time and efforts in training that particular person. Good and experienced employees have a possibility of acquiring a better job at another company which may be a competitor of the former. This will further impose threats to an organisation. Every company will definitely want to avoid such drastic situations.
Organisations must ensure that they encourage, stimulate and make the employees feel that they are an integral part of the company and its mission. To enjoy the sweet fruit of success, organisations should understand the need to retain good employees and also practice the necessary steps to do the same.

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