Dazzling Wellness Centers, Perks and Amenities can Yield Better Productivity at Workplace

Every employee spends almost one-third of its daily time while working on a standalone workstation. This sedentary lifestyle takes a toll on employee’s health and lead to many detrimental health effects. Inefficiency at work, lack of focus, stress, weakened memory, anxiety and more are the by-product of a sedentary lifestyle that never turns out in favor of any company.
While maintaining own health is employees’ own responsibility but it’s the employer who gains most by looking after its employees’ healthcare needs. Ultimately, employees are like the real oil that drives the growth engine of any company. Thus to promote a healthy lifestyle at workplace is in the vested interest of any company which can never turned out to be futile.
There are many organizations across the globe known for promoting a healthy lifestyle through their ultramodern wellness infrastructure that too either at free of cost or at very subsidized rate. These infrastructures comprise of all those amenities which are sufficient to lift-up anyone’s mood, even of a miserable person. A corporate gym, yoga sessions, meditation chamber, spa, massages and more can create an electrifying office environment.
Organizations that have built a Niche with Progressive Healthcare Facilities
Organizations understand that it is not easy to stay relevant in the competition for long just by hiring the right talent. The race has gone too far, now-a-days companies want to do everything that can attract and retain proficient individuals in their organization especially at the times when each day one new competitor is getting born to outpace the other. Thus to keep smart, creative, and out-of-the box thinkers on their board for long, many organizations are giving special emphasis on creating an electrifying office environment that can fascinate employees with its dazzling wellness centers, alluring perks and ultra-modern amenities,.
Unilever: This consumer goods giant has crafted four state-of-the-art wellness zones in its office premises to promote a healthy lifestyle. Each of its zone has own significance and purpose. Its ‘Connection Bridge’ zone let the employees to have a meaningful dialogue that too in a soothing environment. ‘Movement’ zone is made to encourage employees to perform yoga, stretching exercise and provides the facilities of massages as well for reducing stress. Rest two zones provide the facilities of free healthy and lip-smacking food (cafeteria) and a completely silent restroom for taking a nap.
Nike: This Oregon-based multinational firm goes extra miles to create an exhilarating environment at workplace. Its ‘Bo Jackson Center’ has weight rooms, yoga studios, cross training rooms, indoor basket-ball court and a turf field. The ‘Sports Performance Center’ is another jewel in the crown of Nike which let its employees blood flow in high powered workout areas that include gym, an Olympic sized swimming pool, rock climbing wall and multiple running trails and tracks. These fitness options promote the release of mood-elevating endorphin and create a positive feeling in the body that assist employees in keep recharged with energy throughout the day by burning extra calories.
Google: This search engine powerhouse comes on the top of the ladder when it comes to offer wellness option to their employees. On its Silicon Valley campus, employees can avail delicious and nutritious foods all three times a day include juice bars.
Apart from its ultra-modern gymnasium, the company is known for its futuristic ‘nap pods’ that allow employees to take a snooze not only at the time of illness but in between the works as well just to refresh the mind. Soothing noises in the nap pods make it unique and augment the relaxation while sleeping. Top performer often rewarded with ‘massage credits’ for taking free massages on the campus. Facilities like physician visit, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, cooking classes, guitar lessons, ping-pong tables and more facilitates to boost employees attentiveness throughout the day.
Drapper, Inc.: This manufacturing giant has a wellness park at the edge of its property that comprises of a one-fifth mile track, workout station, table-tennis and volleyball courts. The company holds a 10 week weight loss challenge and encourages employees to maintain a healthy weight to overcome obesity.
In order to make their office obesity free, the company offers gift cards, and several cash prizes as well to encourage greater participation by keeping things enjoyable and competitive.
They create a monthly newsletter as well named as ‘Wellness Superheroes’ to showcase the name of employees that have drain a good amount of sweat in the workout session and maintain a healthy lifestyle at work. Additionally, Drapper holds an annual health fair, hosts Weight Watchers classes, walking competitions and Zumba sessions as well to promote good health.
A Win-Win Situation for All
These ultra-modern wellness infrastructures can have significant financial benefits for employers business as these promote good health and nurture a healthy mind. And assist an employee in maintaining good health which in turn stands out to be helpful for him in reflecting improved concentration, efficiency and result-driven output at work.
According to one book ‘Fit over 40 for Dummies’ cited by Betsy Nagelsen McCormack and Mike Yorkey, enterprises found that they save $1.15 to $5.52 per dollar spent on employee due to corporate gym. Corporations that have established fitness programs have experienced decreased absenteeism, lower turnover rates and reduced usage of sick leave, which saved money and increased productivity. Thus having a fitness zone comprises of various fascinating feature is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer.
“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”, The Buddha, Celebrated Philosopher and Spiritual Guru. In contemporary times, thus any organization which aspires to become a top-notch enterprise of their business vertical should promote a productive wellness program in their office premises. A well designed on-premise wellness program with state-of-the-art facilities has the potential to bring greater prosperity and happiness not only for the organization but for the employees as well. Ultimately, a healthy environment encourages healthy body and a healthy body boosts employees’ thought process. A creative thought process triggers revolutionary ideas, which is the most vital necessity for creating great empires out of a scratch.

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