Sudden Cabin Crew Shortage Compels Air India to Cancel more than 70 Flights: Report

Air India

A portion of the low-cost carrier’s cabin staff has been harbouring dissatisfaction for some time, the article added, particularly after AIX Connect, previously AirAsia India, began to integrate with itself.

Due to a lack of cabin staff members—many of whom are reporting ill in protest of purported mismanagement at the Tata Group-owned airline—Air India Express has reportedly had to cancel “scores of flights.”
A portion of the low-cost carrier’s cabin crew has been displeased for a while, particularly since AIX Connect, formerly known as AirAsia India, began to integrate with itself.

According to the reports on Wednesday, “scores of flights” have been cancelled at multiple airports, including Kochi, Calicut, and Bangalore, because a number of cabin crew members have been reporting sick since Monday night.
A union representing a portion of the Air India Express cabin crew made accusations late last month that the airline is being mishandled and that employees are not treated equally.
The registered union Air India Express Employees Union (AIXEU), which asserts to represent about 300 cabin crew members, the most of whom are seniors, has further claimed that the employees’ morale has been impacted by mishandled affairs.

On Wednesday, a large number of travelers complained about the unexpected flight cancellations on social media. Air India Express apologized and stated that the flight was cancelled “due to operational reasons” in response to a passenger’s post on X on the cancellation of the flight.
The airline posted on X, saying, “As part of our service recovery process, you can either opt to reschedule the flight within the next 7 days or request a full refund through our chat bot Tia.”
The change at Air India Express occurs one month after pilot problems at Vistara, a full-service carrier of the Tata Group, forced the airline to temporarily reduce capacity by 10%, or 25–30 flights per day.

The Tata Group is amalgamating Vistara with Air India and Air India Express with AIX Connect as part of its airline industry consolidation.

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