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A dream home is made up of toil, sweat, love and lots more. What complete it is décor and furnishing pieces which add to its appeal. Every home and the way it is styled is a reflection of the living souls that occupy it. Since 1991, Royal Furniture, a pioneer in furniture and furnishing solutions in the UAE is helping complete its residents their dream home. With a diversified portfolio of high-end furniture designs and its own manufacturing units, Royal Furniture possesses extensive experience in handling international furnishing contracts and delivers high-quality furniture at an affordable cost.
Exploring Destiny
The story of Royal Furniture finds its roots in a small town Trivandrum, in Kerala. Sugathan Janardhanan, a young and ambitious native aspiring for a good career and willing to leave the comfort of their homes, went to Mumbai in the early ’70s.For seven years he worked in Mumbai before zeroing-in on Dubai as the next stop for his destined journey. After working in a Furniture Company in Dubai for a decade, Sugathan decided to become a first generation entrepreneur and started a modest upholstery-making unit in Ajman in 1991. He found that very little of the furniture sold in the UAE was manufactured locally and worked hard to put the UAE on the manufacturing map of the world for both classical and modern furniture of international quality. By 1995 the company began trading by importing fabric and furniture. It was also the year that the first retail outlet of the company was set up. The next five years were a challenging period for the company but his resolve not to give up kept him and the company going. By 2000, the business started looking up and the company opened showrooms in Sharjah and Ajman. He realized the benefit of vertical integration to harness the twin benefits of lower costs and quality control. But fundamental to his success was his policy of ensuring that all his customers got excellent quality at affordable prices.
Sugathan went on to diversify the business and launched a foam manufacturing facility in Ajman, a manufacturing base in India, furniture retail showrooms, hotel apartments in Dubai & Ajman and greater expansion to other Gulf countries over the last few decades. Today, Royal Furniture is one of the largest furniture manufacturing and trading companies in the Middle East and Asia.
The Focus Area – Furniture and furnishing
With a diversified portfolio of high-end furniture designs and its own manufacturing units, Royal Furniture possesses extensive experience in handling international furnishing contracts and delivers high-quality furniture at an affordable cost. Currently, the company has a wide network of showrooms in operation under the brand “Royal” in UAE with over one million square feet of display area and another in India under brand ‘Indroyal’. It boasts of one of the largest collections of furniture in both ‘classical’ and ‘contemporary’ models.
With a wide range of sofa sets, beds and mattress design, Royal Furniture offers customization too. Customers can work with experts at Royal Furniture to select fabrics and their required sizes to create a unique piece of furniture. All the products are made with excellent craftsmanship in the UAE with a guarantee of outstanding quality. It is also expanding into home furnishing and accessories such as soft furnishings, wall décor, curtains, lighting solutions, kitchen utilities and tableware.
Royal Furniture has about 8 stores across UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Rak & Sharjah. With exports to more than 45 countries in Africa, Asia, CIS, Europe and the Middle East, it has grown to become one of the largest Manufacturing and Trading Companies of furniture and furnishing accessories in the Middle East and Asia accredited with ISO 9001:2008 (certification from GCAS).
Diversified Interests
The international conglomerate- Royal Group of Companies is managed by high profile professionals. The Group now operates in three diverse industrial segments- Furniture & Furnishings, Hospitality and Real Estate.
Sugathan’s daughter, Suji Sugathan, an MBA from the American University of Sharjah, applies the latest management practices to the various processes within the company. While Sugathan’s son, Sulin Sugathan, completed his graduation in engineering and started his business journey in 2016.
A brand new venture being launched by the company is the manufacturing unit being set up for non-woven fabrics. The director of this division is Dr Rajeev, Sugathan’s son-in-law. This initiative focuses on a revolutionary new biodegradable and eco-friendly product group.
One of the well-known ventures by the group is Royal Foam. Its state-of-the-art modern mattress factories are located in UAE, China and India and offer a one-stop solution for all requirements of sleep products such as premium mattresses, divan beds, comforters and pillows. With the brand name ‘Royal Rest’, Royal Foam is one of the largest manufacturing and trading companies of sleep products in the Middle East.
Other ventures of the Group are in Hospitality and Real Estate. It is a part of the hospitality sector both in the UAE and India
An Inspiration
Over the years, Sugathan has built his enterprise on the firm foundations of impeccable customer value and uncompromising business ethics. With more than 4,000 employees and many success stories to his credit, he is a prominent businessman with business interests spanning across the Middle East, China and India. His company, Royal Furniture’s vision is to ensure quality offerings that are consistently higher than that of its competition. For people who demand high quality, custom-made or branded furniture, the company delivers the best combination of progressive style and affordability.

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