Harbir Ghai: Leaders do not Push; they Pull

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Harbir Ghai, MD and Founder started Spectra Technologies in 2004, it is said that diligence is the mother of good luck, so with his diligence and assiduous hard work, he managed to take the company to reach the heights by being leading independent manufacturer & integrator of specialized thin client and desktop computing solutions, offering the widest range of Virtual Desktop in the industry; innovative software & solutions; that enable the clients to benefit from low cost of ownership. Spectra have worked for specific solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, education and financial sectors.
“The operating systems on virtual desktops are designed in such a way that they can be connected on to the private as well as the public cloud. Depending on the multiple protocols offered by the industry, we are operating our own data center by the name of SpectraCloud,” explains Harbir Ghai. With collaborative team work they support customers so that they can connect to various modes, be it public or private. Being an end to end system integrator, Spectra Technologies follows an approach that’s modular in it’s way. “Owing to the modular approach, and we are able to push in other solutions on our products,” says Harbir. All of Spectra’s virtual desktops have enough of variants, software or the operating system customization on to the platform so that it fits into different industry verticals.
With Harbir’s industrious efforts, the company has set the standard in smart client technology, offering customized thin client products and services that deliver a host of benefits like Ease of Use, Increased Security and Reliability, Improved and Centralized Asset Management, Improved Total-Cost-of-Ownership, Reduced Overall Computer-Related Energy Consumption, Smart Green Technology.
Spectra Technologies is a pioneer in Virtual Desktops & Multi Location Computing. Spectra virtual desktops are deployed in every industry or business verticals in the diverse markets over the years & with lots of success stories; transforming the use of Personal Desktops to virtual desktops with affordability in mind.
Spectra products are based on industry-standard technologies but with unique and proprietary features. Spectra Virtual Desktop are used with Microsoft Windows & Linux Terminal Services servers. These servers enable the user to run any application that is supported by these servers including productivity tools, database systems, and mainframe connectivity tools.
Computers today are powerful enough and a normal desktop user cannot consume the computing power it can deliver. To leverage on this excess available computing resource, Spectra virtual desktops are the ideal end points for the users, whether they are connected to LAN or the Internet. These resulted in savings in hardware, software licenses, maintenance & running costs. Spectra virtual desktops are used in Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Railways, and Government.
 Winning Client’s Confidence is Success to Spectra
Spectra technologies takes extra effort required to develop confidence and with intense care implementation is done before deploying solutions. Considering the vital factors like patterns, size, users and requirements of clients, Spectra’s team gives its best shot with customized thin client servers w with an additional 20 percent back up according to company’s requirement which is supplementary factor.
For instance, if a company has 200 users, Spectra Technologies takes a margin for 250 users keeping in mind for  the expansion of a firm in one or two years down the line.“We plan on the operating systems of thin client, peripherals and server sizing. This makes us a little different than what the rest of the people have been doing in the market,” points out Harbir.
Spectra Technologies formulates applications of virtual desktops which are compatible in different environments through desktop virtualization, terminal service and application virtualization at attractive price points. Nevertheless, Delhi-based Spectra Technologies has been predominantly deploying thin client computers that inarguably provide a good return in ROI to clients from heterogeneous verticals.
Leaders Deliver Results         
Spectra has been assessed by RICL and found comply with the requirements of ISO 27001 & ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the System Integration, Installation of- Virtual Desktop, Media Player, etc.
In 2014, Spectra was awarded as Company of the Year and titled as Spectra TechnologiesReducing Costs and Enabling Better Application Deliveries through Thin Client Computing.
A Vision with Execution
Spectra virtual desktops systems that work as an alternative to Personal Computers, have an optimized and small footprint operating system with a Graphical User Interface having no application installed locally. As it is connected to Windows Terminal services, AppAnywhere, Citrix or UNIX servers, it requires almost zero management and administration for numerous desktops. Following all these qualities, Spectra virtual desktops help enterprises to diminish IT Management costs, virus vulnerabilities, energy costs by as high as 75% and also by increasing centralized security measures. With deploying Spectra Thin client servers, it’s emerging clients Safex Chemicals India Limited is showing exceptional growth with the phenomenal pace of 50 to 60 percent a year.“We have been investing in the virtual desktops, terminal services, in all the scenarios in such a way that Safex’s complete infrastructure had been scaled up on running itself on the virtual desktops or on the remote sessions,” adds .
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