Suhaskrit Trainers and Consultants: Coupling Robust Consulting Services with Indian Values and Ethos

Suhaskrit Consultants
Partho Kunar | Founder | Suhaskrit
  • While many things set our nation apart, India is particularly known for its culture and ancient knowledge. A legacy, so deep-rooted in our history that we call it Gyan. One would be wise to say that there is no other country in the world that matches this Gyan. Instances of such from childhood include Ved-Vedantas, Geeta, Bodhisattva Gyan of Gautam Buddha to Ahimsa of Mahavira, Arthashastra of Chanakya to Amartya Sen, and Aryabhata to Kalpana Chawla.All such people came to form their legacies and knowledge from different regions, religions, cultures, and civilizations to make our country known as the ‘Vishwa Guru.’ These assimilative powers have helped much of its people in gaining pure Gyan in their related field of activities.While scouting for India’s 20 Best Consulting Companies to Watch in 2020, we came across one such firm that is an assimilation of the modern knowledge and Tatva-Gyan (Pure Knowledge). We would like to introduce Suhaskrit Trainers & Consultants, an initiative that imparts training and consultancy on those subjects that will always inculcate in an individual or an organization’s values for self-improvement beneficial to the world at large.

    Suhaskrit takes pride in its methods of making people reconnect with India’s cultural, societal and educational roots. The company’s foundations are built on these roots of learning to help clients in creating or adopting present day values. This evidently exhibits how Suhaskrit Trainers & Consultants is a subtle yet significant blend of the traditional and the contemporary learning.

    Suhaskrit works in the field of imparting specialized, focused training & skill enhancement to professional schools, colleges, universities, B-schools as well as Govt. representatives, non-governmental organizations to suit today’s business and value need.

    A Visionary Leadership

    Suhaskrit instils ancient Indian values and ethos under the leadership of its founders, Mr. Partho Kunar, & Sweta Kunar with guidance from Ms. Susmita. All of them bring in a diverse experience in the field of leadership training and consultancy programs.

    For nearly two and a half decades, Mr. Partho Kunar has been involved in activities such as Advertising, leading newspapers, Digital Media, Education & Real Estate. He has been a specialist in sales-marketing, building and promotion, planning and analysis business strategy, supply chain management, covering the entire country with a particular emphasis on the rural and half-urban markets of Northern and Eastern India. He is also a member of the advisory board in Northern India for a variety of Universities and SMEs.

    Building the Future Leaders of India

    Suhaskrit Trainers Consultants is a consulting company that provides a broad range of training and advisory modules comprising corporate training, B-school training, HR solutions, and soft skills training and development. The consulting and training modules are in the areas of education and sales, marketing and sales, print media, BTL, real estate, and hospitality and are tailored to suit relevant needs.

    The firm works with the following core values:

    • Indian Ethics
    • Vision
    • Professionalism
    • Innovation
    • Integrity
    • livelihood with honours

    Their expert team offers numerous training modules to provide value-based knowledge and relevant expertise for professional and individual development. The modules are tailor-made to fulfil the unique requirements of top executives, young entrepreneurs, middle-level executives, customer service professionals, administrators, educators, and teachers, making them responsive and result-oriented.
    Further, the core group of the firm works consistently to evolve and keeps abreast of the latest developments in technology and management, thereby ensuring clients get the benefit from state-of-the-art services.

    As far as the working methodologies are concerned, the firm adapts its working pipeline according to the client’s requirements and latest business trends to achieve desired results with optimum use of time and resources. With such a robust working pipeline, the firm assures to deliver positive results of:

    • Healthy work environment
    • Inculcating Human values and ethos.
    • Higher productivity and performance
    • Enhanced teamwork
    • Productive leadership
    • Professional and personal success
    • Self-motivation
    • Effective stress management
    • Effective communication

    Owing to the team’s awareness, understanding, and the qualifications they hold, they present their utmost potential to serve the clients better. The firm competently trains all its team members so that they can efficiently handle the specific task assigned to them.

    Besides the core values and a strong team, Suhaskrit is also known for client satisfaction. Herein, Mr. Kunar asserts, “We believe that the reason behind the success of any organization is based on an understanding of the positive as well as the negative elements & their influence on an individual at one level, and the organization at another level. Therefore, we study the needs of the client & provide the best possible modules as solutions.”

    Tales of Success

    Withstanding the initial challenges of having no Training background or certifications and demonstrating their practical experience and exposure to attain clients, the firm has come a long way to make a difference to individuals and organizations.

    Mr. Kunar cites some of the initial success stories where Titan approached Suhaskrit to train their retail outlet’s front sales team to understand human behaviour and connect. He cites another where the Indian Army was asked to be assisted in emotion handling and stress-relieving techniques for their officers.

    Further, there was the youth program titled, ‘The small i to Big I’ where the youth self-explores to understand their inner potential. Lastly, there was a program called ‘WE MADE IT YOU CAN’ where the team get into corporate or trade-specific successful individuals to talk about their struggle times and how they came to being ‘WE COULD and YOU CAN.’ They would speak of real-life stories, motivating the youth, and nominate them as mentors.

    An Advice to Remember

    For the budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Kunar has one advice, “I have one line of suggestion this field needs a passion for sharing and caring to have an approach to give rather than ask for charges they will come, but if you do not believe in this do not take this path. Point two, let your training be of more self-experiences rather than coaching or Gyan.”

    Paving Path for Future

    Suhaskrit believes that wisdom and knowledge cannot be forced unless there is a pang of hunger and need for it. Hence, it does not really plan a lot. Instead, it conducts a lot of connecting programs with smaller self-starters who are engaged in training and development and provide them content and resources to upscale and reach more people. “We would like to expand on this become a resource rather being an individual organization with few people,” concludes Mr. Kunar.

    Word of Mouth

    I worked with Dr Partho Kunar in Amar Ujala. with commendable sales and marketing skills, he is an asset to any company. Over and above ad sales, he is very strong in non metro sales and understanding of rural marketing and dynamics.

    – Sumanta Pal, President, Brand and Innovation, Amar Ujala Group.

    Partho Kunar is a dynamic person and understands the business extremely well. He is a highly creative person with loads of energy. I think his biggest strengths is being a very cool minded executive. He believes in moral values and ethics and this approach reflects not only in his personality but in his works also.

    – Dinesh Shrinet, Head of Indian Languages and New Projects (Economic Times) at Times Internet Ltd.

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