XEAM Ventures: Bridging the Gap between Job Seekers and Job Providers

XEAM Ventures
Mr. Deepak Kansal | Managing Director | XEAM Ventures

Every business depends on its workforce to deliver excellent results in order to grow and expand. The most important part of every organization is its people, its employees that work with dedication towards achieving the organizational goals. Hence, choosing the right people for businesses and business leaders is quite a task. Yet, some agencies and companies are providing appropriate solutions for the issues related to human capital and its facilitation. One such company is XEAM Ventures Pvt. Ltd. XEAM Ventures works closely with Center and State Governments in implementing their E-governance projects such as digitization of Driving License, Passport, Property Records, ICC & Surveys. They are also working with – Indian Customs (processing documents for export and import at 192 locations PAN India), AAI (providing resources at 91 airports PAN India), with International Organizations like UNDP for their e-vaccination project, FIND & other world bank funded projects.

It is a trusted brand whose journey of success started about twenty years ago. Since then, the company has been providing customized services along with qualified professionals to more than 500 clients. With the vision of ‘Simplifying businesses’, XEAM ventures have evolved multifold having its presence in 200+ locations across Pan India and Abroad. The team provides cutting-edge IT & ITes Services with expertise in Payroll Management, Manpower Outsourcing Services, HR Solutions, Implementation, and handling of all kinds of IT-related projects. It also enables HR Outsourcing as well as HR Management with 100% statutory compliance.

In these successful years, the XEAM group has achieved a turnover of INR 500+ crores. The firm currently has 10000+ team members and has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, experts, experienced managers to handle multi-vertical organizational projects. “We have experience in deploying more than 1 lac resources from the last 15 years,”says the team of XEAM Ventures.

An Inspiring Venturer

Mr. Deepak Kansal, Managing Director – XEAM Ventures has over twenty years of vast experience in successfully running an IT-enabled and HR service organization. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering with a specialization in Electronics, he joined his family business. He received the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award just in a year since he joined the company as leadership has always been in his blood.

Every country flourishes with its youth. Giving the right opportunity & direction to the talent does make a difference. After analyzing the market and unemployment rate, he realized there is so much to do for his country and the young generation. His eternal love for the country led him to provide service to those who seek employment in this day and age. The largest opportunity which he realized was to accurately & quickly connect the employer’s requirement with the prospective and relevant candidates seeking employment. Thus, he made it his motto to bridge the gap prevailing in this industry.

His vibrant passion and interest in the field of Human Resources led him to pursue and complete Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in HR in 2015. After learning so much about this field it was now time for him to play an important role in the nation-building by doing his bit to reduce unemployment. This thought itself was very motivating.

“I have always been available to my team and this personal touch has become part of the company’s DNA,”says Mr Kansal. His responsibility is to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. To accomplish this he keeps interacting with as many team members as possible, engage with them in a constructive manner, guide them and support them. When it comes to conveying ideas he uses the easiest methods such as stories, examples, references, and metaphors. This helps him to put across the point effectively without offending anyone.

Mr Kansal wants to make sure that he is building organizational capabilities, a team of leaders who can take XEAM forward. That is the benchmark he has set for himself. Success depends on the employees of every organization. For him, knowing and connecting with his employees is very important. He wants to make sure that when his employees come to work, they should come with full energy and zeal to perform. Free flow of information and ideas is something that is always encouraged in the organization. Hierarchy has never been a hurdle when it comes to giving suggestions and ideas. “We are constantly developing our business organization but we intend to retain our traditional work culture where everyone participates to the best of their ability as per the roles assigned irrespective of the designations,”shares Mr Kansal.

Excerpts from interview with Mr. Deepak Kansal:

How do you maintain work-life balance?

I believe that my personal life is equally important therefore I not only plan my professional activities but also my personal activities. For e.g. every year I go on one week vacation with my family and I have been doing this without fail since last 15 years. I also do certain daily activities like going for a morning walk at 6 am that too by not cutting on my sound sleep. I am fond of watching movies and TV series and I rarely miss that. I am a sports enthusiast and do watch cricket matches.

What inspired you to choose ‘work-life balance’ as the topic for your thesis?

In today’s work culture I see a lot of professionals stressed out and complaining that they are unable to strike a right balance between their professional and personal lives. I come across this issue more often than anything else. I believe that all of us work hard to lead a good life and spend quality time with our

family. Despite the objective being so clear why most of us end up not achieving it. I got interested in this subject and decided to write a thesis as part of PHD.

What are your other interests?

I like travelling and exploring new countries. So far I have travelled to more than 30 countries, covering almost all continents. I like interacting with people and understanding their culture & try different cuisines. I am religious I personally offer regular prayers to Sai Baba and celebrate religious festivals as well.

Share with us your experience as part of President’s Delegation to Prague and Sofia?

Well, it was an honor to have been invited as part of President’s Delegation. It was indeed a wonderful experience and a proud moment, to be representing our country. I got opportunity to interact with the President, other members of the delegation and foreign dignitaries. I was witness to the fact that people around the globe have lot of respect for our country.

Who do you owe your success?

There are so many people I like to give credit to my success, but majorly it was my team, my family and self belief. My family always believed in me and my efforts. They always encouraged me to do what I always wanted to do and that is business. My team is my strength. Without them I am couldn’t have achieved what we are today. Their relentless efforts and selfless hard work is simply outstanding. I draw enormous energy and confidence from my team which propels me to believe that nothing is impossible

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to make XEAM Ventures a best place to work where all team members feel proud, secure and grow with the organization.

What is the motivation that keeps you going?

The fuel that keeps me going is “hunger to do more”. At this stage my hunger is still the same as it was when I started and I don’t think it will ever burn out.

The Venture’s Culture

Due to XEAM Ventures’ exuberant work experience of 20 years and most competent resources, it has evolved as a leading HR solutions company in India. The firm is delivering cutting edge technology-enabled HR services to the Government, Indian Public Sector units, and large & mid-size corporate offices. The company has enriched experience of working with 200+ customers from diverse sectors like Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Administration, Citizen services, Beauty and Wellness, Information Technology and Program, and Project Management Unit, etc.

With an exceptional team of professional software developers and engineers, XEAM provides customized software solutions, supporting the end to end cycle of product development. “We also offer user-friendly software to handle complex calculations, logic, and process,”explains the team of XEAM. The company provides a full range of temporary workers and contract-to-hire solutions for the short term business needs. Its IT outsourcing services enable companies to focus on their core competencies and help them by handling the integral details of building IT infrastructure. At XEAM, the team manages and supervises the Turnkey Projects and the capabilities of every team member. The team also renders services in architecture, hardware, software, software development and implementation along with maintenance and frameworks, networking, consulting and IT-enabled processing services.

The USP of XEAM Ventures is service with humility. “We are flexible and approachable at all levels at any time. We work without any strings therefore our ability to meet client expectations is much higher than our competitors. We are transparent and 100% compliant,” states Mr Kansal. There are various benefits gained by the clients because of XEAM’s team. The clients experienced increase in production due to fast hiring of right skill set for all the open positions. The client organizations were able to put more focus on their core business as all other activities related to management of human resources with respect to salary, compliances and litigations were handled by XEAM’s team. “This has helped our client achieve their internal growth targets,” describes Mr Kansal.

The future looks very exciting for the company as it has embarked on an ambitious journey to grow further at a rapid pace. HR services are on high demand and there are ample opportunities to expand. “We are expecting a decent share in the HR field globally,”shares Mr Kansal.

“My advice to my peers is to work hard, stay focused, never give up and stay humble all the time. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Don’t let the noise of others drown out your inner voice,” Mr Kansal concludes.

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