Sumit Kataria: A Finance Master Guiding on the Business Success Path 

Sumit Kataria
Sumit Kataria

A Japanese proverb says, ‘Money grows on the tree of persistence’ and managing this money for good financial stability is a way to financial success. Knowledge of finance is not enough for progress and needs appropriate assistance. Here come masters in finance who help people manage their money with in-depth data analysis, current scenarios and trends, and profit-making ideas.

In this sense, a brilliant finance leader who carries forward his family’s legacy is Sumit Kataria, Director cum Project Head of Kataria Group. He serves as a guiding light for his clients and proves himself as one of the success factors of his clients’ financial growth with his thorough knowledge and relentless work.

Finance Roots in Family 

Sumit greeted with a Namaskar and furthered his interesting finance journey. He mentions that finance runs in his blood and family, especially his father and grandfather. Shri Sharad Kataria ji, the father of Sumit, is one of the renounced economic analysts of the country who inspired him to step into the finance sector in childhood.

His rich experience in investment banking, securities broking and corporate finance work for me as my backbone, as a constant support for progressing in the financial sector,” says Sumit in gratitude. He embarked on his journey in finance by pursuing an education of MBA in Finance and HR. Apart from this degree, he has also completed various financial courses from the National Institute of Finance Market. Currently, he works as Director cum Project Head at…

The Renowned Kataria Group

Founded in 1985 by two finance masters of that era, Mr Sagarmal Kataria and Mr Sharad Kataria, Kataria Group is a financial services company. The company boasts of itself as a one-stop solution for all financial needs. Being a Director cum Project Head at Kataria Group, Sumit ensures various services are provided under his leadership. These services include Financial Planning, taxation-based services, mutual fund consultancy, business planning for start-ups, motivation speeches and many more.

Additionally, Sumit and the team are actively involved with more than 10,000 customers from different parts of the country in the field of financial planning, taxation, mutual funds, different types of insurance services, business planning, infrastructure development and implementation, and various similar activities needed for people to open the doors of wealth for them and their families.

Additionally, at Kataria Group, the team has done much-focused work for investor awareness. It educates approximately 200 investors monthly through an investor awareness program. The company has been conducting this program continuously for the last ten years. It has educated more than 20000 people in the previous few years.    

An Enlightening Journey 

A true leader always becomes a guiding light for the organization and helps in its upliftment. Just like his guidance, the journey from the start to the successful end is inspiring. Sumit also elaborates on his journey of leadership at Kataria Group. In the starting days, he visited the firm regularly, which made him well-versed in the company culture and basic terms of finance. Later on, he learned all the concepts in detail during his education. It made Sumit capable of analysing different financial practices in deep.

In the starting days of leadership, he consulted different experts and contacted customers and senior employees, who showed him how to understand customers’ problems and approach the right solution for them. Sumit says that the journey was steady and slow, from smaller to bigger problems; he gained experience handling different financial issues. Further, he also started motivating his team members, and with persistent efforts and motivation from Sumit, his team strives to get new challenges as their opportunities. Additionally, Sumit shares his strategy for solving problems. “First of all, we deeply analyse the scenario, break the bigger issues into the smaller ones and finally solve the whole problem systematically, which gives us the ultimate satisfaction at the end,” explains Sumit.

Need of Progressive Finance Companies 

While talking about the corporate world and businesses, Sumit emphasizes that the sector focuses on progressive companies’ needs. Since its inception, finance has been the backbone of any country, and considering today’s scenario, both government and private sectors are regularly launching new schemes, policies, and offers for newcomers and progressing industries. Additionally, banks and financial institutions like Kataria Group are providing great support to the candidate firms regarding Financial loans, schemes, consultancy services and so on.

Embedding Technology to Finance 

Technology has been vital to every industry, and the finance sector is no exception. Technological advancements are widespread, and businesses are incorporating the same for the sector’s development, catering to the dynamic needs of the industry. “No doubt, the technology, specifically AI tools, has changed the game,” says Sumit in response to the query about the implementation of technology in business and advocates the integration of technology in different business procedures.

Personally speaking, I am a great fan of AI tools and learn and use them in my business practices. These tools are great and are quite capable of catering to the dynamic needs of our business sector if properly analysed,” says Sumit.

Moreover, he talks about the latest tools that can ease and regulate the processes in business. Such devices are used for operating procedures, handling their workforce, regulating their productions, marketing their products, etc. Additionally, these tools have streamlined the systems to a greater extent.

Unplugging from Work

Hobbies and passion create a different aura in an individual’s life. They minimise work tensions and help in learning better habits that can boost the ability to manage the work. Sumit also has a passion for sports; being a sportsperson, he lives a lifestyle filled with various sports. Sumit adds, “Cricket, swimming and cycling are the basic parts of my daily routine which keep me motivated always.” While talking about the benefits of sports, he says that he has learnt a lot from sports and is blessed with gifts such as teamwork, collaboration, strength to face challenges, patience and many more.

Financial Advice from the Expert

Sumit shares a piece of advice with aspiring entrepreneurs. “Well, I am not a giant in the field. But, whatever I have learnt and observed, I would like to share,” says Sumit. He emphasizes that success comes with time and suggests never being disappointed and always motivating yourself. Furthermore, he advises reading good books as they are daily inspirations for him. He recommends reading books such as Ramcharita Manas, Corporate Chanakya, Bhagwad Geeta, etc., listening to motivational speeches and good poems, and always focusing on positive aspects.

Future Plans 

Along with several excellent services in finance, Kataria Group plans to hit the next level in the respective industry and serve more emerging entrepreneurs in business planning, infrastructure development and launching their businesses, which shall be the true scaling of the firm.

Sumit talks on the business statistics: In the last five years, 500+ brokers from different cities have joined Kataria Group’s team, and the company has helped these aspiring entrepreneurs immensely in providing financial services with greater ease.

The company aims to work with 5000+ brokers in the next five years and give their families white-collared livelihoods. It also wishes to provide them with insurance, yearly vacations, allowances for their children’s education and similar things. 

But not least, one of the famous ventures of the Kataria Group, Futuristic Entrepreneurs, has launched a new concept, Elegant Entrepreneurs, a consultancy firm for start-ups, SMEs and businesses. In this system, the company focuses a lot on the overall development of businesses and also takes help from SME experts, CAs, lawyers, etc. For more information, please visit

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