Aryya Roy: India’s Best Tarot Reader and Reiki Healer Making Waves in Community

Aryya Roy

On the edges of sunrise and sunset lie the future moments of the past and passing times of the present. As the sunrays enlighten a world sleeping in the darkness, we wish there would be an enlightening star in our hearts that would guide our minds in predicting what lies ahead for us and plan accordingly.

Aha! We think and keep hoping for a miracle called fortune to shine on us smilingly. So that all our fantastic dreams come true and nightmares vanish in a puff of smoke.

Is Tarot Card Reading that miracle

Yes! If you ardently believe in the positive force of your faith and the optimistic charm of your own beliefs, then Tarot Card reading can help you solve all troubles of your life. If you wish to try and test it, you are always welcome to contact me,” appeals Aryya Roy, a Certified Reiki Healer, Certified Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master, and Crystal Reiki Healer. She is a Certified Angel Card Reader, USUI Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master, Psychic Reader, Kabbalah Healer, Clairaudience, and Shambala Energy Healer. In 2012, she was Tarot Certified by the Academy of Tarot. Aryya is the Founder of Energy HEALING & Tarot Reading Org ®️.

Finding Your Inner Harmony

Aryya’s main objective in her practice and sessions is to give back to society. Her approach is rooted in compassion. Aryya Roy is renowned for her tarot card interpretations across India. Clients praise Aryya for her nurturing and warm energy and her intimate tarot card reading sessions. As a reiki healer, Aryya’s methods aim to bring inner peace.

Tarot card reading is a practice where a deck of cards with different symbols and pictures is used for insights. These cards help tarot card readers gain insights, understanding, and guidance about a person’s life, situations, and future. The cards are drawn and interpreted by a tarot card reader. These cards help individuals reflect on their emotions, thoughts, and choices. It offers them clarity and a fresh perspective. People often use it to seek answers, connect with their inner selves, and make important life decisions.

When clients reach out to Aryya for a tarot reading, she chooses the cards. These cards serve as her guiding principles. Each card leads down a unique path. It gives her the information she must convey to her clients. Now, it is the client’s choice to believe what the cards have revealed.

The Art of Self-Exploration

Tarot card reading sessions encourage self-reflection and self-awareness. These intimate and one-on-one sessions allow people to explore their thoughts, behaviours, and emotions deeper. It builds a sense of connection with one’s inner self. People are curious about the mystical and the unknown and get a glimpse of what the future beholds through the messages received from tarot card reading. It allows people to make informed decisions during challenging times by weighing their options.

It has been a decade since I stepped into the industry. What started as a personal passion has now blossomed into global acclaim and recognition. This achievement is a testament to the countless hours of dedication and hard work I have poured into serving my clients. Be it reiki healing, tarot reading, or psychic reading solutions, I have always given my best to bring results,” shares Aryya Roy.

Reiki healing is a gentle and relaxing practice where a reiki healer uses contact to transfer positive energy. Reiki healing sessions often soothe the body of a person. It helps them heal by reducing stress and improving the overall well-being of a person. People all over the world engage in reiki healing sessions to feel a sense of calm and bring balance to life.

Reiki is renowned for reducing stress and inducing relaxation. It helps alleviate discomfort by healing the body naturally. Individuals suffering from sleeping issues and low energy levels can engage in reiki healing sessions. Many individuals have experienced improved sleep quality and energy levels. It has been an eminent part of many people’s and entrepreneurs’ personal growth journeys. It promotes health and wellness in one of the most unprecedented ways.

In the Pursuit of Purpose

Aryya first realized her passion for reiki healing while she was in the United States. During those days, she was learning reiki healing and karuna healing. She came back to India post pursuing courses in spiritual healing and tarot card reading. However, she had no plans to pursue it as a profession.

Aryya Roy’s journey as a guide began with her passion for helping people find meaning in their lives. She felt most driven towards her passion during her biotechnology and genetic engineering studies in London. She expanded her vault of knowledge by studying tarot card reading and reiki healing during those days. Ultimately earning her a Bachelor’s Degree in Divine Spirituality from Scotland, U.K.

Aryya chose this profession based on how connected she felt to people and their overall well-being. From the age of 12 years, she began seeing the past and the present in her dreams. She knew this was something special, something that could save lives and build a secure future for many. Furthermore, her interactions with her successes and setbacks in life empowered her to make it all happen.

The Science of Personal Resonance

A good tarot card reader has a deep understanding of the tarot symbolism. The tarot card reader needs to be empathetic and non-judgemental. The reader should have a genuine desire to help others through their readings. This person needs to make you feel comfortable. Their readings definitely need to resonate with you on a personal level.

Aryya Roy is a blessing in disguise for all the people seeking guidance,” says a client who once sought guidance from her. “Her energy is so nurturing and warm. Her tarot reading insights are almost a hundred per cent accurate. I have gained so much clarity and found a purpose in life. All thanks to her intimate and one-on-one reading sessions.”

Aryya’s commitment to spreading positivity and facilitating personal growth has made her a respected manifestation coach. She motivates entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve unprecedented success while sharing valuable insights on her social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

If You Wish to Change ‘Your Luck by Chance!

If you seek Aryya’s guidance for personal healing and reading sessions, you can connect with her through her social media handles or Google business page. Her expertise in reiki healing and tarot readings, combined with her sensitive approach, makes her a trusted guide for those seeking personal growth and composure.

Aryya Roy’s journey is a testament to the remarkable difference one person can make in the lives of others. She continues to inspire and empower thousands on their quest for growth, peace, and genuine self-discovery. She continues to provide support and encouragement through her online accounts. She is a trusted and respected guide in the industry for a reason. You can reach out to Aryya on Whatsapp number to book personal healing or reading session9953214108.

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