Sundar Pichai says Google will be more wayward with Nexus Devices


The digital massive has no plans to make its own smartphones right now and will continue to cooperate with its original equipment manufacturers according to Indian born Google CEO Sunder Pichai.
Our plan is still to work with OEMs to build phones. We are investing more try in Nexus, you’ll see us put innovative thought into Nexus devices, there are distinguish beyond phones.
Android is a very open ecosystem the technology world, the answer may not be a global one player answering it every part of the world, you have great sample of regional players in places like India, China, which help the needs of those markets very well.
Currently, it seems like expectations are fulfilled for both, Google and Nexus program. Google has worked with a range of partners to develop Nexus phones, with Google controlling the software and some hardware elements, while leaving manufacturing to its business partners, who have included LG, HTC and Huawei, among others.
Global marketplaces are a very competitive. The smartphone industry, the hardware industry, it’s one of the very efficient industry. Even Amazon, they basis it on Android too. I look at it and say Android is a large scale, open platform.

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