Superbook: A Laptop-like Shell for your Android Smartphone

Superbook, a laptop-like shell, is capable of turning an Android device into fully capable laptop using USB cable. This Superbook has been invented by Andromium Inc, and has set up a KickStarter campaign to increase $50,000. But, the Superbook has already managed to garner $2.1 million, through 13,028 backers. However, the campaign is active for further five days.
As per the designers of Superbook, “Speed and power of our smartphones rarely hold us back, but small screens and limited interface often do,” and this has been the inspiration for the team to arise with this device.
Superbook is a plug and play device for android smartphone that can be connected to through a USB cable (supports USB Type-C too). The device lets the user to use a proper keyboard. This is a multi-touch trackpad which possesses a much larger display while using the computing power of smartphone along with the files and the apps.
The Superbook arises with an 11.6-inch 1366×768 LCD display. Superbook has Andromium software, which is an app that allows an Android device function like a regular OS. A person will have access to millions of apps that are already installed on the Google Play Store. Superbook could use your phone’s data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Superbook’s special attention is eight hours of battery life, and could charge your smartphone when it is connected. The Suprebook weighs 0.9 Kg. the Superbook will work with the new device, even if you change your smartphone.
The Superbook will be available for $99 (In Rs 6600 approx). The minimum system requirements of the Android device are Android 5.0 and above, Type-C or Micro-B port, at least 1.5 GB RAM, Dual Core processor and above, and at least 25MB of free storage.

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