Surabhi Das: Building Businesses Brand Digital by Impactful Content

Surabhi Das
Surabhi Das

Communication is a vital part of our everyday lives. Be it professional or personal. Digital transformation has changed communication dynamics completely. It has brought forward newer avenues, challenges, and demands. 

Communication in the digital age has been enhanced through advanced mediums and technological platforms. Today, companies expertly communicate via engaging, enlightening, and enriching content. 

In the digital era, content is vital for brand success. Powerfully drafted content can convey the message precisely. It convinces the audience and initiates the call to action. In the gaming industry, the content holds the power to add vibrancy and amplify the special effects designed in various stages. A crisp narration with intermittent call-outs or slogans adds a different liveliness to modern games. Organizations challenged by increasing demand for creating highly conducive content are in dire need of specialists. Experts who are smart, dynamic, and fast-thinking. Creative content writers who can add a high-quality element to the product and services.

In this niche, Surabhi Das has created a reliable identity. As an enriching and empowering Content Writer and Blogger. She supports various organizations. In the industry segments of gaming, publishing, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, software and others.

Surabhi elaborated on her writing profession, specialization, brief journey. And how she tackled the challenges in an interesting rendezvous with the Insights Success team. She further opened up on modern technologies. Shared advice to budding industry professionals. And revealed her future projections. The excerpts of the interview are shared ahead.

Please brief our audience about your company, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the best Gaming Providers. 

We provide complete content writing and blogging support to various companies and businesses that are required for marketing, advertising, and training purposes. Organizations in the software, media, gaming and advertising sector need good and reliable support of necessary content in product development and product enhancements that must be processed and developed systematically and planned. Organizations ranging from corporates to small and medium enterprises have been supported in their various internal and external communication and marketing presentations, thereby assisting them in their business objectives.

In the gaming industry, I have been provided with various stories, ideas, and concepts that have helped developers in game creation, architecture, development, and other essential enhancements. Gaming experts today are constantly striving to develop and create newer and more engaging games and exciting gaming versions, hence requiring exciting and enticing content that will complement and accelerate the game’s energy. I am doing just the exact thing, and I am glad to be adding value and excitement to game development.

Software DevelopmentEvery software needs a product manual, the set of instructions that must be incorporated in the back-end section of the system. This content must adhere to the process flow and user applications. 

  • Advertising and Social media

Advertising and social media are among the largest industries consuming content in their communication activities. Print media advertising mediums include press, brochures, websites, emailers, handbills, branding panels, etc. Social media has a variety of avenues of blogs and post designs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. The videos gaining growing popularity need good scriptwriting, subtitles, etc.

  • Public Relations and Marketing 

The public relations campaigns targeting several corporate, social, educational or commercial objectives are supported with well-planned and curated content. This includes interviews, press articles, PR campaigns, events, exhibitions, etc. Every industry needs to represent itself formally and respectfully, which is why public relations has been a prominent platform in business, media, developing awareness, identity creation or any event off product launch or other social initiatives.

  • Storyline and scripts for Gaming and Media

The modern entertainment industry has evolved much ahead of music and films. The gaming industry has evolved very rapidly. Every company is researching and developing newer trends in gaming. Games are spiced up with engaging content that triggers the viewers’ curiosity and engages them further. 

  • Publishing Industry

The publishing industry, which includes printing books, magazines, periodicals, journals, annual reports, official mailers and other mandatory circulars, requires a lot of topical and informative content regularly. I am associated with a few publishers where I contribute with my articles, columns and other sections. The publishing industry has evolved but has transformed into a dynamic digital form.

Tell us more about your offerings and what aspects make you stand out in the cutthroat competition.

I have been a passionate content writer and a creative visualizer as I have developed a deeper understanding of people, their businesses and their exact communication requirements. I have developed a practice of collecting brief maximum data from the customers or the client organizations and collecting the purpose or the objective of their needs. This has helped me write in the proper direction and produce the quality content that customers require. I have created a strategy of delivering the writing assignments to the customers in quick timelines as the people working in the same process, like designers and developers, can plan their layouts and structures according to the length and volume of the content.

Please brief us about your journey in the industry and how they have made the company excel in its niche.

My journey has been full of ups and downs as I have been associated with a conservative family after my marriage. After my husband’s demise, I struggled to survive, nurture my daughter, and pursue my higher education. However, the ambition to create my professional identity has opened the door of opportunities and unleashed my core writing skill as I continued working with a few companies.

My writing skills were appreciated and complemented by various business professionals and senior department heads. This motivated me to continue my writing career as I quickly understood and adapted to create the right content required by organisations.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the Online Gaming space and how your company is adapting to the change.

While working with various organizations, I understood the importance of evolving technologies and observed the role of technologies in today’s world. It has transformed business operations in a very effective and productive manner. Considering the applications of the technology, I have been exposed to associating and working with various software and gaming experts, who have helped me learn and develop my skills in the right direction. Today, technology has enhanced my writing through the applications of automatic dictation tools, content curating applications, and plagiarism-checking tools— all available easily online. I am fortunate to be associated with various modern organizations that have encouraged and supported me in developing my skills and polishing my writing contributions.

Considering the current scenario, what kind of challenges do you face and overcome?

Initially, I had to meet many companies for their writing requirements, which required a lot of travel and running around. Moreover, it was tough to understand the content industry and how it operated. Over the period, I stabilized with the requirements, and the trust of various companies increased steadily. I am glad to have worked and supported several organizations in offering my content in their communication and product development.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Gaming space?

Our lives are going on, including all our happiness, hard times and good times. So, we must always accept our struggles and not compare ourselves to others because everyone has different life situations distinct and different strengths.

So, we need to focus our energy positively, and the day is not far away. We will surely realize that our struggle changed our life and see the new light of our success.

How do you envision scaling the writing services and offerings in the future?

I plan to expand to more organizations across wider industry segments. Expanding further on handling the increasing projects and assignments, I have planned to recruit young writers in my team to support me in my writing business. I am learning the business sector’s new business trends and happenings to gear up to modern requirements.

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