Sushanth IT Law Associates: Encapsulating Technology to Legal Practice

Sushanth IT Law Associates

Cyber Law and Information Technology Legal Practice are evolving as a trending area of legal practice. With the rapid adoption of technology in all spheres of business and personal life, this niche area poses various legal challenges making it an interesting and yet constantly growing area of legal practice. The undeniable dream of Mr. Sai Sushanth of starting an exclusive Cyber Law Consulting Firm is alive today, fervently burning in the heart and mind of Mr. Sai Sushanth that leads to the inception of Sushanth IT Law Associates (SITL) in 2012. Six Years later, today Sushanth IT Law Associates has grown to a 20-member firm spreading across three offices in the prime locations of Hyderabad- Hitech City, Banjara Hills, Begumpet

Today, Sushanth IT Law Associates is a powerhouse on its own, earning three awards for recognition as a top of the league Cyber Laws Consulting Firm.

A Technology Driven Legal Proponent
Mr. Sai Sushanth is a proponent in managing “Sushanth IT Law Associates” as a successful Cyber Law Consulting Firm and believes that technology adoption starts at the top. Starting out, Mr. Sushanth had a goal to increase the firm’s efficiency and as a result, SITL went paperless, thus reducing the time associates spent filtering through legal documents and agreements. While the associates at the firm have a niche area of legal practice, they noticed that, their CEO also has an entrepreneurial mindset coupled with the passion for this niche area of legal practice and innovative ideas to build a thriving law firm.

Mr. Sushanth believes that both legal and technology professionals working together brings in varied perspective adding value. This attitude is engrained in the firm’s culture contributing to the success of Sushanth IT Law Associates as an exclusive full-service cyber law-consulting firm. Still, the thing that makes him unique is his mission to help startups and entrepreneurs around the world. Today, Mr. Sushanth tours the circuit of masterminds speaking, teaching, and spreading his knowledge on cyber law. Evidently, Mr. Sushanth figured out embracing technology could exponentially scale the business of the firm.

The Techno Legal Know How
Sushanth IT Law Associates went mobile in addition to being paperless, with each associate using a tablet and laptop, one for drafting and other for viewing the legal agreements and documents. The firm also employs in-house developed cloud-based law firm management tool, which makes work allocation, work status reports, creating repository of legal library, tracking progress of associates simple, yet reasonably secured, ensuring that their 3 offices operate as one team. The technology and legal expertise coupled with innovative management techniques makes Sushanth IT Law Associates a customer-focused cyber legal powerhouse earning a coveted spot and recognition as a top of the league cyber laws consulting firm.

Looking Beyond Traditional Legal Practice
Sushanth IT Law Associates offers legal cloud on its website, enabling clients across the globe to request for a service and upload their documents. The firm adopts data analytics and mobility driven technology enabling the enterprise to do more work with few associates. It implements a peer review process in all its matters wherein associates at the firm get their works reviewed by the senior associates under the expert guidance of their CEO Mr. Sushanth. The firm believes that its associates under the guidance of their CEO shall be able to build its business, their high quality of work enhancing the firm’s brand and analysis of their work and data to improve the process and increase productivity.

Sushanth IT Law Associates delivers quality cyber legal solutions to varied clientele ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. The firm believes that concentration on just one thing and considering its done is not a right approach. In a nutshell, the firm offers the following services

  • Drafting of cyber legal agreements, contracts
  • Formulating cyber legal policies
  • Rendering cyber legal advisory services
  • Data protection and cyber law compliance & audit
  • Protecting & registering intellectual property & IP licensing
  • Cross border legal aspects
  • Creating techno legal frameworks
  • EU GDPR compliance

For its unique and robust business model, the firm is recognized among the top cyber law consulting magazines by various prominent magazines.

Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs
Guiding the budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Sushanth asserts, “Your passion should be the driving force for entrepreneurship”, “Never Ever Give Up”, “Love What You Do or Do What You Love”.

Automating Legal Services
The firm looks beyond the legal industry to push the boundaries making geography as history for cyber legal practice. As a result, the firm is testing ‘Smart Contracts’, making it easy for the clients across the globe to get professionally drafted and specifically customized contracts and cyber legal agreements within seconds at a click of a button. Sushanth IT Law Associates constantly adopts latest cutting-edge technologies creating innovations in the Legal Practice.
Source :-The 10 Most Essential Business Service Providers of 2018

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