QACS Group: An Emerging System Certifications Provider with World Class Services

QACS Group

Demands for standard products and services are rising from both industrial customers and retail consumers. Therefore, even small-scale companies try to get certified to prove the quality of their services and maintain the benchmarks set by the respective industry. They usually prefer a certifying agency which can provide a complete range of certifications relevant to their needs. This has put QACS Group on the forefront to provide such services in accreditation or permissions and other related system certifications.
Ethical Certification Services
QACS is providing ISO certification services along with testing services for chemical and biological testing. The company has years of industrial, consultancy and auditing experience and recognized in business circles for its timely and efficient services. Initially, the company started with DAC accreditation and subsequently taken further accreditations like IAS-USA. The company has started with a small office and since then flourished its business to expand the business.
Expanding into Food Sector
In the meantime, the team felt the need for testing of food products as well based on the anticipated growth forecasts of the food sector. The new company was formed as QTTL Lab Pvt. Ltd. to provide affordable testing services for chemical and biological analysis of all types of food products. The testing unit of this company is also accredited by NABL for both the field and FSSAI notified lab. Now, QACS is providing affordable ISO certification to customers of various fields along with testing services to the food industry as well as to regulators. Due to cost-effective and timely services it has been able to expand service to many other countries.

Experienced Founders
Jayesh Agrawal and Anshul Arora are the founders of QACS which is launched in 2009. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India and provides its System certification cervices throughout the world.

Jayesh is a Mechanical engineer and honed his management skills through an MBA. He was admired as the lead auditor for many international and Indian standards, having 26 years of vast experience in diverse fields.
A young and talented businessman – Anshul, has completed his management education as MBA and has a reputation of being an e-commerce expert. He was one of the lead auditors in many international and Indian standards, having 15 years of experience in certification industry. His strengths are to capture the market with drive and sense of customer needs which he has developed with experience.

Core Values and Principles 
The objective of the establishment of the QACS group lies in the principle of providing good services at an affordable cost. Every business ethics originate from individuals, organizational philosophies and from the legal systems. Principles at the company are based on a set of moral and ethical values in an absolute sense and the company takes them very seriously. These principles are followed firmly enough to override any human rationalization, weakness, ego, or personal faults. Life always remains a game of challenges coming one after another and there is a disagreement about what values should reign supreme. This avoided undue compromise on the quality of service. When all the external forces are not favorable enough, it always looks back to these core values and principles.

Unique Brand with Prudent Business Model
QACS is a certification body for system and product certification, it provides the good services at affordable cost to the customers and it makes the brand unique. In this era of competition, the company believes in providing best in class services always within the available resources which sometimes results in less profit. It avoids unnecessary price war at the cost of quality of the services for generating high profits. It has a very good team of dedicated professionals led by promoters directly and each minute detail is finally supervised by owners so that deviation does not occur. The company has a simple policy to provide the best services as required by customers and go to extra length to keep customer satisfied.
Achievements of the Company
QACS is a still emerging but a promising player in the Indian market in spite of the backing of an international brand. The company has created a unique place for itself in the field which has originated and controlled by multinational companies. It provides small but significant services even in countries from where this field originated.

Future of World Class Services
QACS goals are to become an effectively world-class service provider. There is a continuously increasing flow of business almost 30% of which is from the overseas market. The company is adding many more countries to its list of customers in order to increase the revenue from overseas market. The overseas market is now a major contributor to its revenue. The strengths like flexibility and ability to adapt itself will steer the company to a path of success in future and it will continue to be a service provider of choice.

Advice for Entrepreneurs
If you wanted to work ethically then continuous professional development is required in the field. As standards are usually revised within a time frame of five years hence continues training and personal development should be the way to stay ahead in the field. To become a good player in the field, nurture your team to the level of maturity which requires a gestation period of three to four years.” concluded the founder when asked for an advice for entrepreneurs.
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