Swift Technoplast Private Limited: The Best Plastic Pallets Manufacturer and Suppliers in India

Swift Technoplast

Today, with the increasing demand for hygiene, sanitization, safe movement and storage of products, the plastic pallets are gaining much popularity among the industries. Plastic pallets are extensively used in the grocery, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and e-commerce industries mainly for transportation and other purposes. A recent market research has estimated that in terms of units, the market of plastic pallets will grow steadily at a CAGR of almost eight percent by 2022.

One such trusted name which is transforming the era of plastic pallets manufacturing is, Swift Technoplast. The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of technically advanced industrial plastic products which was established in July 2008 by a young and dynamic duo, Suryakant Shinde & Krishna Marathe, with a strong vision of becoming efficacious leaders in the plastic pallets manufacturing space. The consistent efforts of the company’s expertise have given Swift the accreditation of ‘The Best Plastic Pallets Manufacturer and Suppliers in India’ Award by the Worldwide Achievers. The clientele of Swift are the diverse industries’ giants such as Hindustan Unilever, Welspun, L&T, TATA, Kellogg’s, MRF, Aditya Birla, and many more.

An Indigenous Leader of Swift Technoplast
Krishna Marathe, the Managing Director of Swift Technoplast, is the young, creative, and zealous leader who holds an extensive experience of over fourteen years in the plastics industry. He is holding a thorough knowledge and is a technical expertise in plastic pallets. Krishna is well-known for his contribution in the development of the plastic pallets since the inception of the plastic pallets in the industry. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the diverse segments like product designing, administration, manufacturing, marketing, and product development. With his clear vision, strategic planning, an organized system and quality oriented approach the company has stood on the crest of the wave.
Delivering Groundbreaking Plastic Products
Swift Technoplast is an expert in manufacturing and supply of plastic pallets for food, pharma, and chemical industries in a hygienic environment. The company’s comprehensive product range which constantly undergoes various research and development procedures includes Drum Spill Containment Pallets, Returnable packaging pallets, One Way Cargo Plastic Pallets, Printing Industries Pallets, and HDPE Plastic pallets.
Swift is the leading company in India which has launched the spill containment plastic pallets and set a tough benchmark for its peers. The company has specially designed drum spill containment pallets for the safe storage of oils, chemicals, catching any leaks, drips, or spills. These pallets are made up of high quality polyethylene materials under reliable construction, along with ergonomics and safety on the shop floor. Being proficient in every stage of the production, the company precisely selects the raw material which has a reliable chemical compatibility and resistance-preventing corrosion, apparently assuring a lifelong service.
Swift’s Wide Array of Plastic Pallets
Swift has developed a wide variety of plastic pallets for different segment of the industries as company believes on the root principle that every customer has their unique products, way of handling, so it is very crucial to also offer unique solutions.
Food & Pharma GMP compiled Plastic Pallets: These pallets are manufactured with the steel reinforced technology and mainly focus on the stringent hygienic requirement of food and pharma industries. They are plain outer surface top and bottom surface which is easily cleanable, hence compiling with GMP or FDA norms also.
Printing Industries Pallets: Swift is pioneer in developing a complete range of plastic pallets for printing industries. These pallets are developed as per the specific need of printing industries, paper size, auto feeder machines, and load bearing capacity.
Export One Way Cargo pallets for Export Packaging: Swift has a dedicated economical range of plastic pallets for export packing, which are light weight, economical in cost, compiles with ISPM 15 norms of export packaging and the sizes are available as per the container size & export packs.
Multi Trip Reusable Plastic Pallets: Swift has introduced reusable packaging plastic pallets which are specifically designed to deliver high strength, low weight & longer life even after its repeated use. By adopting the reusable packaging plastic pallets, the organizations can save huge amount of money by investing on the one-time cost for reusable plastic pallets. This eventually reduces the overall wooden consumption and apparently contributes to the ‘Save Trees, Save Environment’ initiative.
The Marvelous Features of Swift’s Pallets
Swift Technoplast manufactures the plastic pallets in the most meticulous way with the help of its in-house professionals. The USPs of the company’s plastic pallets is their plain top, easy washable, weatherproof, fungus resistant, zero maintenance cost during the whole life of pallet, safe handling, and improved workers safety. The biggest advantage of manufacturing such pallets was eliminating the labor costs for repairing the conventional wooden pallets.
The company’s unique product, the drum spill containment pallets comprises of different features such as one piece molded seamless construction, food grade polymers, heavy duty steel reinforcement, and durable as well as strong ribbed design. This innovative product avoids slip and fall injuries to safeguard the employees on the shop floor during material handling and also reduces loss due to the damage of material.
Futuristic Strategy of Swift
Swift Technoplast is endeavoring hard to achieve milestones in the industrial space by incessantly making new advancements in their products.  The company is completely focused on maintaining its brand promise which is ‘Zero % rejection at the customer end’. It is also looking forward to achieving better quality by the continual innovations and improvements in the technology. Swift is adopted Quality Strategy and is continuously following the Total Quality Management (TQM) principal at all levels of designing procedures with which they can meet the expectations of the customers and thereby foster good partnerships with them.
The company is also undertaking custom development for reusable packaging where it will completely focus on preparing its detailed analysis to save repeated cost spent on wooden pallets. Also, customers would get a dual benefit of contribution to SAVE Environment by reducing wood.

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