Reliance Announces Jiophone2; Along With Various Offers

Mukesh Amabni Reuters | Insights Success

Relaince Jio, has added a new member in the JioPhone series with a launch of JioPhone2 consisting new features. As per various reports, the JioPhone will be available from August 15. The big industrial giant’s CEO, Mukesh Ambani has stated that the price of the phone will be more affordable. Along with that, the company has announced a new scheme under the name of ‘Monsoon Hungama’ Offer which will help the users to upgrade their existing feature phone to JioPhone2 at a reasonable price of INR 501. And, will be available to the users from July 21.
Some reports states that the launch also described some of the features of JioPhone2, one of which assures the compatibility with social media applications.
In support, the CEO also unveiled the availability of ultra-high-speed line broadband connections for houses and commercial across 1,100 cities, approx., same reports also says, the broadband connection will help numerous enterprises for the business processes.
In other news, the reports suggested that the Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani says, the Jio subscriber’s has been grown substantially from 124 million to 215 million in just one year.
“Since, I last spoke we have doubled our customers base to over 215 millions customers, now. 215 million customers within 22 months up-start is a record that no technological company has been able to achieve anywhere in the world”, said CEO of RIL.
Reliance might be announcing the availability of other products soon.

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