TalentBurst: Vigorous and Prudent Staffing & Consulting Solutions

Today, every organization is eagerly waiting for the candidate who, endowed with the right skill set may seem essential. But in reality, one can possess the skills, but may lack ability to market him/herself. Candidates not only need to have the required skills and experience to do the job, but they also need to fit into the company’s culture and able to take direction and handle the challenges as they come. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running, quality employees are required to help your company run and be ahead of the curve. Finding the right talent is the daunting challenge.

Recruiters have developed themselves with the strategic and creative staffing approach, they emphasize using metrics to filter talent pipelines to bring out a talent supply chain. Advanced analytics, leveraging technology, and process integration, has built a talent supply chain that is effectively automated and proactive. Great recruiters are problem solvers for you, bring them in and the work gets done in a shortest possible time.

TalentBurst is a leading provider of contract Information Technology, Engineering, SaaS, Bio-Pharma, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Utility and Compliance staffing solutions to over 65 Fortune 1000 corporations and numerous other large and mid-sized organizations. The company has a presence in Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Milwaukee and international offices in Toronto, Canada, and Gurgaon, India. Through its Payroll division, they are a provider of Employer Of Record (EOR), high hazard and 1099 payroll compliance solutions, currently supporting customers in the US, Canada, UK, India, Chile and Singapore.

TalentBurst is consistently ranked amongst the fastest growing privately held business in the US by INC. Magazine, Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA), Boston Business Journal and Div500.

TalentBurst has received numerous accolades over the years which includes making it to the Inc. 500/5000 list for 10 straight years starting in 2007, The annual BBJ Pacesetters award since 2008, SIA Fastest Growing Company from 2009 onwards, PRO Unlimited Platinum Supplier for 2014 and Gold Supplier for 2013 and 2015, Top 50 Privately Held Business in State of Massachusetts from 2008 to 2016, Top 50 Diversity Owned Business in Massachusetts from 2008 to 2016, Top 100 Subcontinent Asian American Business in the US from 2008-2016.

TalentBurst provides staff augmentation services to its Fortune 500 and mid-sized clients with resources across a suite of business disciplines and industry verticals (Technology, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Utilities/Energy, and Oil & Gas). They specialize in providing their clients with contingent staff to fill their short term business needs as well as permanent full time resources for the long term staffing needs. In addition to the core staffing capabilities, TalentBurst also provides High Risk Pay rolling Services and Independent Contractor Validation services to their clients globally.

Brains behind TalentBurst

 “Three minds are better than one is the philosophy and belief of the company! Baljit, Bharat and Deep together run the company as one,” says Baljit.

Baljit “Brian” Gill is the Co-founder & COO for TalentBurst Group of Companies which is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in San Francisco, CA; Weston, FL; Toronto, Canada and Gurgaon, India.

Prior to founding TalentBurst in 2002, Gill was a Director at Hudson Global Resources (NASD: HHGP), a publicly traded spin-off from Monster Worldwide (parent company of Monster.com). At Hudson, Brian spent 10 years building their operations in India, Singapore, US. He led the unit that Hudson acquired to $53 Million in revenues and managing their mid-western US presence from the Schaumburg, IL branch office.

Functions as a Lean Organization

TalentBurst functions as a lean organization, with an attempt to minimize cost burdens that would in-effect be passed on to their end customers. TalentBurst operates four US based locations, and two international locations, namely Toronto, Canada and New Delhi, India. In addition, are incorporated in 5 other counties with both staffing and pay rolling capabilities for their clients in these international countries as required.

An early adopter of the VMS/MSP space, TalentBurst has mastered the art of working high volume of requisitions in the least possible time. They have divided their teams in a manner where they are able to capitalize on their expertise and knowledge to fill positions in real time. They provide one point of contact for their client, which makes the relationship very manageable and controlled and helps in delivering quality services. They have a large internal database of candidates that is growing on a daily basis. They are amongst the Top 3 ranked suppliers with multiple clients and always strive to be the top provider at every client.

The leadership and senior management, is known for their innovative approach, and this has enabled them to be ahead of the curve. Since its inception, they have successfully launched a different service offering every 18-20 months and have a 75% success rate on those offerings. The most successful of those, is their High Risk payroll service.  They are a leader in the “high-risk” payroll space and are able to staff and payroll unique positions for their clients that warrant business expertise and insurance capabilities that average staffing agencies or payroll providers do not have access to.

Lead by Example

For any business to be successful and thrive, the single largest component is Trust, and this flows all the way from the founders to the team to the client! The founders – Baljit, Bharat and Deep have known each other for most of their lives and that bond/trust that has been formed between them, brings the ability to deal with any possible scenario.

Every business goes through ups and downs based on how the market reacts, but luckily for TalentBurst, since inception, their revenues have grown year over year! Even in 2009-2010 when companies went under, or lost revenues, they grew. Not only did they grow, they went ahead and invested a lot of money in their infrastructure and back office, so that when the economy picks up, they are at the forefront enjoying the growth! “These solutions we implemented, lets my team service the spikes in client needs and for me, gives me visibility in the entire life cycle on one screen,” says Baljit.

Cost-containment is key to ensuring that organizations remain profitable in boom times as well as in downturns. The organization values its employees and ensures that they remain productive by providing opportunities as well as flexible work opportunities, raising engagement levels and overall delivery capabilities. They recognize that if their internal employees are invested in the organization, they can make great strides together, grow their organization and keep their clients satisfied with their services. The company’s CFO – Deep keeps a very close eye on the costs and his biggest charter year over year is to keep the costs down and not let them grow in the same proportion as the company i.e. increase margins!

“Everyone at TalentBurst fosters the belief – that I am responsible for the success or failure of the company, through my own actions and we have two sets of clients – the ones we bill and the ones we pay!” evinced Bharat.

 The founders bring 60 years of combined staffing experience and the senior management brings in over 140 years of combined staffing experience. All these combined experiences have helped deal with the ups and downs of the economy/industry. All the team members believe in the offerings and it is evident from the long tenures that the employees have with TalentBurst.

 Benefits to the clients

TalentBurst is a nimble, yet stable partner. In addition to the service offerings discussed above, their clients have access to an organization that understands how to source, present, staff and maintain resources in Technical and non-technical positions. They are a one-stop-shop for their clients for all of their Contingent workforce to “High-risk” worker pay rolling services. Their delivery mechanism is established and robust and it enables their recruiters and account representatives to deliver talent to their clients on a timely basis and across business divisions and industry verticals,” says Baljit who manages the recruiting and operation teams globally.

TalentBurst’s clients value their ability to be compliant with their business process and policies at all times. They recognize TalentBurst as a true partner that remains abreast of the changing marketplace and is well versed with employment laws and statutory requirements and remains in compliance with these at all time, thereby mitigating risk to us as an agency as well as to the end customers that utilize our services.

“With the amount of volume we deal with, there are bound to be issues and escalations. Our clients know, that regardless of the level of issue – if there is any disconnect between their expectation and our performance, they can directly reach our CEO – Bharat or COO – Baljit for immediate action and reaction,” says Deep.

Even though the company has over 1200 employees globally, Baljit, Bharat and Deep along with the senior leadership’s hands on involved in the day to day operations. The founding principle that they all follow is to Lead by Example!

Eye on Global Expansion

TalentBurst has an eye on global expansion and is evaluating expanding into key international markets that are providing new avenues for organizations to source resource and fulfill their business needs. “The world is a virtual marketplace and we are excited that we, along with our clients, are able to explore new avenues and markets that present qualified resources. TalentBurst is focused on becoming a premiere staffing vendor and expanding its relationships with MSP’s across multiple clients,” desists Baljit.

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