Advance CAD Technologies: A Complete Solution for CAD, CAM & Reverse Engineering

In recent decades, the Science and Technology behind 3D measurement has progressed to a great extent. Organizations are adopting 3D scanning as a major part for ensuring the highest quality of reverse engineering, manufactured goods, and other interconnected processes.
Recognizing the need for 3D designs in the current market, Advance CAD  Technologies has emerged with the aim to provide valuable domain oriented technical solution in combination with the technological engineering solution to resolve the customer problem and exceeding their service expansion with quality results in a short duration at an affordable price.
Advance CAD Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified CAD, CAM, 3D White Light Scanning and Reverse Engineering Solution Provider. ACAD serves to a range of industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Moulds& Dies, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Shipbuilding Industries, Medical Industries, General Industries and Defense. ACAD also has associated with 3D Systems in the USA and Solutionix in Korea for 3D Industrial scanners and Reverse Engineering Software’s sales and support for India.
ACAD has earned several accolades and awards for its best quality such as Quality Excellence Award, Quality Brands Award, Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award, Bharat VikasRatan Award, RashtriyaUdyogRatan Award, etc.
Advance CAD Technologies’ Reverse Engineering Service and Sales & Marketing
ACAD’s Reverse Engineering Service offers a wide range of services such as 3D White Light &Blue Light Scanning, Reverse Engineering Solution, Quality Inspection & Measurement, Product Design & Development and Value Engineering.
3D White Light & Blue Light Scanning: ACAD has a different range of scanning facilities with precise, flexible and more accurate with high resolution scanners.
Client can use their facilities from 10mm to 2.5 mtr. component size, where they can easily record the state and form of an object, which can be used to troubleshoot, re-produce, study analyze , inspect or used in other downstream application purpose.
“Our client gets numerous benefits by using our services of 3D white light scanning techniques to allow better predication of process yield and Also allow benchmark competitor design, convert legacy parts to digital formats and capture hand-sculpted shapes for use within cad model,” expresses Milind Futane CEO & MD of Advance CAD Technologies.
Reverse Engineering Solution: Any physical object can be created into 3D digital format that can move to virtual engineering phase.  If the parts or tools are hand modified on the shop floor for improving styling, ergonomics, performance, fitment or any benchmark competitor design can be converted into a 3D CAD model and any change in CAD design is possible. In this, they can deliver end output of 3D models in support format like IGS/STP/PARASOLID OR CAD native software format like CATIA, PRO-E, UNIGRAPHICS, INVENTOR, SOLID WORKS, etc.
Quality Inspection & Measurement: By using quality inspection service, clients can ensure their product and detecting issues like fitment, war pages, and also analyze tool wear during production.
Product Design & Development: With this, they delivered Parametric Modeling, Surface Modeling, Assly. Design Modeling, Correction in existing model & update model as per standard. Also, Requirement, Concept Modeling and 2D Drawing generations as per customer standard.
Value Engineering: By using these technologies ACAD can analyze a range of their supplier parts and validate with respect to CAD Design or supplier to supplier parts and evaluate changes in existing tooling.
Sales and Support: ACAD’s sales department offers best suited technology product of Solutionix Company ( ) with high resolution and better quality which include all types of 3D industrial scanners like REXCAN CS2, REXCAN CS+, REXCAN DS3, and REXCAN 4.
Also,they provide Revese Engineering software  Product  like Geomagic design X, Geomagic control, Desktop scanner of  3D Systems ( ) to their customers ,based on their application.
Client Benefits from ACAD
ACAD clients are getting benefited by their services such as quickly capturing all the physical measurement of any physical objects; Capturing Engineering Optimization, inherent in manufacturing part;
Their insure part will fit together in just 1st try. If parts are hand modified for improving styling, ergonomics or performance updated can easily record the state and form of an object.
Also, by using their service client can ensure their product and detecting issue such as war page or overall scale in combination with statistical analysis to maintain and predict quality in manufacturing. It is also used to analyze and characterizes tool wear during production to predict or eliminate tool failure. If damage has been done to an object, it can be then re-produced in its proper form.
By their service support any physical object can then be re-created into a digital format can be used for anything client wants.  ACAD’s client can save their time, money and feel more confident about the quality of their final products and their rates of defect free output.
Future Plans
Since its inception, ACAD is continuously growing in scale and scope with the advancement in technologies and practices. The company grew from 3 employees to 25+ engineers over the last eight years.
ACAD’s ethical and professional approach to commitments has attracted a service of reputed clients. With the vertical growth graph and clear vision in future the company plans to increase the quality of the talent pool in Reverse Engineering Industries and number of professionals.
In the next few years, they are planning to expand their sales, support and services divisions across the India and the increase in the service and sales segment by adding new products like 3d printing and Software Cast analysis.

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