How Technologies are Influencing Different Businesses???

Rex Aantonny, Founder and CEO, Rex Cyber Solutions | Insights Success | Business magazine in India

There was a time we were driving the technologies, now it’s the time for the technologies. All the inventions and innovations gave enamors opportunities to perform attractive outcomes. In the age of IoT collection of data increased hundred times higher than the past decade, with this surplus data industries and entrepreneurs looking into deep in various aspects like how the #10yearchallange spread like a virus and collected classified set of inputs for facial recognition algorithms which can be used to train the AI and security field too.
Today’s technology has totally transformed businesses as well as fashioning entire business niches that never ever existed before. Business owners run their companies from laptops, tablets and smartphones, never even considering opening a brick-and-mortar presence. The daily atmosphere in present businesses has transformed incalculably. Employees every so often spend chunk of their week working remotely from home or out. Business meetings no longer mean driving long distances as teleconferencing means getting everyone together online. Basic enterprise software empowers a firm to automate back office functions, such as record keeping, accounting and payroll. Mobile technology allows offices and field reps to interact in real time. For example, field reps can use mobile apps to record their daily expenses as they incur them and have them sync automatically with accounting software back at the office.
Technological environment carry out positive effects on a business. Internet makes the communiqué route flatter and cooler. Despite all the aces, technology has on the business environment; it also enforces some negative impacts as well. Internet tools like Skype and other chat rooms have made it possible for businesses meetings without having physically presented at the same place. This type of meeting is less personal as compared to a face-to-face meeting. In this way, the subjective aspect of business relationships tends to reduce. Lack of physical contiguity has abridged brainstorming and another form of communication which involves personal touch.
“Data is the New Currency”
Starting from climate changes to Agriculture the data play vital role for strategy decision and deploy in recent trends the business has to play new strategies and execute in swiftly for the reason that influence of the technology and access to the technologies for the people causing lot of psychological fluctuations, making them to move frontward very hasty manner. This bubble could be volatile for the market but it embraces lot of short tenure markets in mammoth level of customers, we can even call it, a decade of changes we facing in two years span.
Cyber security and awareness is much need of the hour, all these data floating in the cyber space not eloquently handled. They are scattered, unsorted and overflowed everywhere, how we are utilizing them is changing now. The data management and event management evolved after lot of technological influence that made the identify management for certain level up. The people who are using these devices starting from mobile to your Alexa you are possible victim of cyber-crime; it’s your responsible now to understand what you are sharing and what you know on you sharing.
“If you control the data you control the world”
The social media and mobile space created vibrant changes in the news industry in particularly to the content and the context playing bigger role here. By using this space anyone even change the perspective of people, there is no more war in the way we know; the new one if you control the perception you control the country. That’s how the technology made the war simple without invading in region you got people to do what you want without their knowledge.
Future of crimes: As we are talking about these enhancements in the technologies are we prepared for the future crimes? All the cyborg devices and the humanoid robots are getting calibrated every second with millions of data to respond to us. Every drones and IIoT devices are mounted with n-amount of data.  As a forensic professional I could say these data are going to revolutionize the world of future crimes at the same time the forensic. Simply we are going to face 100 year of ups and downs in a decade itself.
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Rex Aantonny is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Rex Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd. He is also the Chief Trainer at Hexter Lab. He has given numerous Information security based calibrations to private & government officials at Coimbatore, Chennai & Kerala. He is best known as the Tamil Nadu Executive of HANS (Anti Hacking Anticipation Society), an NGO based out of India that works with clients across the world, helping them create awareness on cyber threats. He is also Chapter_Head of Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and State of Karnataka of Team_CCAVCA (Cyber Crime Awareness and Victim Counseling, Assam).

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