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Founded in the year 2013, Visas Avenue Private Limited is an innovative Immigration Consultancy Company. It aims to provide visa and immigration solutions &services to the individuals as well as families helping them fly overseas; to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, etc. It specializes in Canada and Australia Permanent Residency (PR) process.
A Passionate Group
Visas Avenue is headquartered in New Delhi. It has six different branches across India, i.e. Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Started with a small premise in the capital city with just a handful of employees, today, Visas is a huge family of more than 200 headcounts across India.
Delhi office is the oldest one, while Noida branch is the latest addition in the list of Visa Avenue Immigration Consultancy offices. Apart from the senior management, HR and Sales department, Visas Avenue has a dedicated team and departments for Grievance Redressal, Documentation, Digital Marketing, Operation, etc.
A Self-made Woman
Deepti Saxena is the Founder and Managing Director of the company. She is the one, who dreamt of launching a dynamic consultancy service, which can offer world-class immigration solutions to the visa applicants planning to move abroad and helping them to make their dreams come true. With her visionary approach, dynamic leadership, and concrete plans &strategies, Visas Avenue has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last few years to benchmark its presence in the industry.
In the last few years, Deepti has been pivotal in making long term and short term plans and strategies for the organization. Under her leadership and guidance, the management has been taking efficacious decisions with regards to Client Service Management, Growth and Expansion plan, product launch and promotion, organizational structure &hierarchy, and Events &Advertising, etc.
Deepti’s roles and responsibilities in the company can be summarized as follows:

  • Providing leadership and Governance of the Board
  • Developing the Company’s strategy
  • Lead and oversee the implementation of the Company’s long and short term plans in accordance with its strategy
  • Ensuring that expenditures of the Company
  • Assessing the principal risks of the Company and to ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed
  • Ensuring effective internal controls and management information systems are in place
  • Ensuring that the Company has appropriate systems to enable it to conduct its activities both lawfully and ethically
  • Develop, establish, and direct execution of operating policies
  • Accounting for the company’s activities to relevant parties

‘Trust’ – A Key to Success
As a startup company in the early days, the biggest challenge Visas Avenue faced was to establish itself among the giants of the Industry. The immigration industry is all about winning faith and trust of the client and being a newbee in the industry it was the other major challenge at that point.
Considering all these challenges, Visas Avenue decided to focus on its strength and offer a trusted alternative to the immigration applicants. Trust factor remains a key element in the immigration industry, considering the multiple visa fraud stories making media headlines every day. Visas Avenue thoroughly believes in client service ethics and this is what, it has imparted in its sales and client service team through various training sessions, get together, meetings, conferences, etc.
With key features of its services, i.e. transparent process, no hidden charges, immaculate mutual contract, and client service agreement, etc. Visas Avenue established itself as the trustworthy Visa Constancy Service for Canada and Australia immigration and permanent residency process.
Outstanding Services
Visas Avenue is primarily a Visa and Immigration Consultancy Company. It offers various immigration and visa process associated services to its clients. The idea is to help visa applicants apply for visa without any fuss or issue and ultimately obtain the visa approvals for the clients so that they can move to their desired country well within the time.
Here are the key Services Visas Avenue offers:

  • Case Study and Analysis

Visas Avenue follows a stepwise approach or analysis, whenever a client contacts it for Immigration Assistance. This includes a stepwise review of client profile, Demographics, Resume, Visa Type (i.e. working visa, Study Visa, Tourist Visa, and Permanent Residency, and so on), area of interest, the study of desired immigration Destination by the client and its eligibility conditions.

  • Pre Assessment

This particular phase is quite critical and fundamental in terms of increasing the chances of getting the Visa Approval in a hassle-free manner. The immigration department of every country has set a few eligibility conditions for worldwide immigration applicants in terms of applicant’s Educational Qualifications, Experience, Age, Economic position, etc. Hence, the applicants need to be assessed to determine the best visa program to apply based on his/her profile.

  • Form filling

A relatively new Visa Applicant often finds the immigration terms and instructions quite complex and confusing. This ultimately leads to errors in filling up the form and incomplete documentation resulting in the denial of the same. Qualified and vastly experienced Client Service managers and experts at Visas Avenue help clients file the error-free application.

  • Documentation Assistance

Being relatively new to immigration procedure and formalities, it’s quite possible that a Visa Applicant finds himself unable to understand the complex instructions, process flow, and documentation required for Visa Application. This may lead to either delay in the whole procedure or the rejection of application. Hence, Visas Avenue makes certain that the applicant is aware of the latest documentation checklist and process to obtain the essential documents.

  • Letter Drafting

Drafting a professional letter requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of a few vital things, i.e. precise and clear language/phrases, the relevancy of the content, and proper sequencing of significant facts and information.

  • Visa Applications

Applying for the Visa to the Immigration Hotspot countries, i.e. Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, and South Africa, etc. is a complex and multi-step procedure. An Applicant has to deal with various aspects to make sure that a complete and error-free Visa Application has been filed.

  • Refusal Case Analysis and Refilling

Due to the limited knowledge and unawareness of the candidates there Visa Applications often get rejected by the concerned Immigration Authorities. In such a scenario, the applicant feels highly disappointed and helpless.  The time factor is crucial for a Visa Applicant and such delay or rejection sometimes hurt badly to an Applicant. The VA team handles such cases to remove the objections one by one so that the application can be accepted next time.
Visas’ Success Tale
The position Visas Avenue holds right now in the industry is a success story itself. It started from a small group of just 10-15 employees and today, it is a well-established organization of over 200 employees with multiple branches across length and breadth of the country.
Visas Avenue ranks top on many online and offline survey reports conducted by reputed agencies and entities. Not just client service and operations, but its online presence and popularity have been praised by the top websites reviewing bodies. It is a true encyclopedia for the individuals applying for permanent residency in countries like Canada and Australia.
Shining Through
Client Service excellence, knowledge, and ethics are the features of Visas’ services that makes it stand apart from the others. The team is trained and prepared with a motive of “Client first” and practice the same day in, day out.
The company imparts regular training and keep themselves aware of every immigration rule change, visa launch, process change, etc. in the interest of clients; the company helps and assists on a daily basis.
Coming up with Novel Benefits
The clients/visa applicants, who enroll with the company, remain to rest assured of getting the ethical services, with no hidden charges, incorrect/misleading information, and unnecessary lag or delay in the application process.
The qualified and experienced immigration professionals at Visas Avenue keep the applicants aware of their chances and subsequently, support and assist the applicants to get the desired results on time.
The success rate of Visas Avenue is commendable (more than 90%) when it comes to helping Visa applicants get the approval for permanent residency in Canada and Australia. This is what strengthens the faith and trust of the clients in Visas Avenue.
Advice for the Budding Entrepreneurs
The advice for the budding entrepreneurs will be no different to what has been success mantra of Visas Avenue in all these years, i.e. Client Service Excellence, Ethical services and conduct, and alertness about the latest process changes and updates in the immigration industry.
If any startup follows these basic rules, the success will surely embrace it sooner or later. Also, believing in strengths and improving on weakness is a continuous process which is everlasting when you are striving to make your mark in the corporate world.
Imminent Future
Since Visas Avenue is an established name in the industry, planned growth and Expansion has been its primary target in the last few years. The management is thinking of making Visas Avenue a globally recognized and trusted brand in the coming years.
Visas Avenue is in touch with the concerned authorities in the Middle East to open two of its offices in the Gulf countries. It will be soon offering Immigration Advisory Service to the aspirants in the Middle East. Also, it is working on launching a few more projects in the coming months to broaden its product range and enhance its client database.

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