Technology Disappearing or it’s the DNA


Since the proliferation of smartphones and tablets into our daily lives, our interaction with technology has been dominated by screens. This trend will see those screens disappear, or at least diminish in importance, as our interactions become invisible. Products and services will be seamlessly integrated into normal behavioural patterns. Far ahead of last edition’s Wearable Tech trend, in the future we will barely know we’re using “technology”.
Think about Apple Pay. You hold your phone near a card machine, and a buzz confirms payment. But why can’t your phone talk to the cash register as soon as you walk into the cafe, telling the barista what your usual order is. Then you can walk away with your delicious cappuccino and your phone still in your bag.
This trend is all about freeing us from the burden of physical things. Google Docs already allows us to do this. It doesn’t matter what device you’re using, you log into your Google account and everything is there, just how you like it.
Imagine a world where that was commonplace. Your rental car set up just how you like it; your coworking space in Berlin laid out to your requirements; your in-flight entertainment system showing Game of Thrones on the trip back home. A smart network of devices and services that provide value by delivering useful services grounded in your needs and goals.
Disappearing tech, or invisible design, or frictionless user experiences, are coming. In the future designers and developers will have realised that the best interface is no interface. We are obsessed with screens and digital interfaces, instead of engaging with the world around us in meaningful ways.
 Change is the only constant
Society needs to transform. Powerful trends are reshaping businesses, driving new technologies, shifting talent needs, and changing human behaviour. It is crucial for all industries to stay up to date with these changes, and respond accordingly.
 About the Author
Chethan K R, CEO & Director of DigiFutura is business acumen with 8+yrs experience in IT product development industry. He is a business hacking, team leading and delivery focussed professional with great business closures in the application development industry.

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