Technology and Innovation Result in Healthcare Revolution


Healthcare industry, among others, proves to be one of the significantly evolved ones – thanks to the impact brought upon by innovations and new technologies during the recent past. More number of digital devices as well as technologies are seen to drive the healthcare industry in the contemporary world. This has led to improvement in healthcare provider and patient communication, enhanced clinical treatments, optimization of diagnoses, reduction in threats related to public health, and optimization of global health services.
The Connection between Technological Advances and the Future of Healthcare
The traditional healthcare setting as we know is continuing to change by the influence of new technologies. Impacting this niche from diverse perspectives, innovations play a key role in the evolution of health care and the way it is being delivered. While enabling medical services and clinicians to achieve information accuracy and the capability to provide optimal medical service to patients, these have an impact on the services provided by the health care industry, in the form of new ways of diagnosis, treatment methods, and delicate decision making process.
It is well-known that health care providers will be relying more on technology for improving their services to patients. New technologies will assist physicians belonging to different specialties with a wide range of factors – from increasing accuracy to optimizing their diagnosis. Futuristic smart systems that are capable of understanding complicated diseases and health issues make this possible.
Revolutions in Health Care Driven By Technology
Technology has been seen to influence healthcare in unprecedented ways, of late. The ability to leverage technology proves to be a boon to the modern world; this revolution is about to break barriers in future.  Wearables, innovations in health information technology and pharmaceuticals are just a few of the numerous progressive factors in healthcare. The following are a few of the key innovations in the modern medical industry:

  • Robotics
  • Nanotechnology
  • 3-D Printing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Electronic medical records
  • Medical practice management systems
  • Personal health records

Limitations and Challenges
With innovative technologies and the current revolutionary trend, considerable progress has been achieved, but great challenges remain too. The following are a few of the technology challenges faced by the modern healthcare industry:

  • Voluminous data: Data generation is on the rise – increasing data and the need for handling the same creates data security and data management issues that need to be handled
  • Communication gap among healthcare systems: With progressive technologies being created on one side, the limited ability of interaction among them causes concern – this restricts the capability of automating processes
  • HIPAA and other Legal Requirements: Medical service providers are required to protect personal patient information, take precautions to have data backups, and eliminate data breach
  • Increasing costs: Effective coordination with the Affordable Care Act becomes difficult with increasing IT costs

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