Technology Platforms Acting as a Backbone for Small Vendors

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Expanding business and its customer has always been a challenging task for a business person, whether small or big. Large companies faced fewer problems due to the resources at its hands. To mark their territory in the industry these companies spend huge amounts on advertising and staffing related to the sales and market capture. These companies have already established a huge customer market share in their respective industry. But for the small vendor, this always has been a challenge. Due to the lack of investments and monetary resources, a small vendor’s market share is restricted to platforms and locations. Despite their product quality, only a few customers are attracted to them. But, the day-by-day tech discoveries are surely becoming a backbone for small vendors.

Tech advancements have made it possible to overcome these barriers. The technology revolution has made sure that no status of the business can be left behind including the small vendors. Reforms in technology have created various platforms such as websites and apps. These platforms allow the vendors to develop their customer market one on one. For example, if we take small vendors in the clothing industry.

IT industry has helped those vendors in creating a name for themselves in their respective industry. Popular apps and websites such as Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart, have allowed the vendors to register themselves in such apps. Through these apps and websites, a large pool of customers is attracted to their products. These apps with the help of various delivery company allow their product to be available everywhere irrespective of their geographical background.

Even social websites and apps have made it possible to build a customer market. Many sole proprietors are now advertising and selling their products on their social websites such as facebooks, WhatsApp, webchat. Connecting to the customers through social apps and websites is like activating a chain reaction of creating customers.

IT industry has also helped the small vendors through various business websites such as ‘go daddy’ where the vendors can register themselves at the website creating their own website. This platform allows them to have direct contact with the customers.

Technology has not only benefited to the vendors but to the industry as well. The increase in demand in the apps and websites have created a huge revenue for the IT industry. This has allowed these technologies acting as a backbone for small vendors. The Technology Platform has attracted many small vendors to reach out to the IT industry demanding the services that will help them to increase their customer market share.

-Sonal Sharma

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