to be India’s First Stack-Based Review Platform from The Indian Express Group

Techook.com_to_be_India___s_First_Stack-Based_Review_Platform_from_The_Indian_Express_Group is the latest offering from Indian Express Digital, one of the leading media houses in the country, is India’s first stack-based review site for electronic gadgets. Intended at simplifying smartphone decision-making process, Techook is set to be the major ripple creater in the tech journalism space, because of its unique and world class card-based UI for desktop and mobile.
Techook is turning out be a game-changer because of its unique focus on confirming information credibility and data-backed review process which would result in comprehensive performance report. With a numeric rating given to every parameter based on the test report of over a seven-day period, Techook also looking forward to offer complete impartial smartphone ratings to provide objective information to its readers. Products listed on the website are also sorted into different categories according to user profiles to assist swifter discoverability and better navigation. Techook will also curate appropriate news updates along with how-to articles and videos in order to keep readers up-to-date with the latest developments from the world of gadgets.
The unveiling of follows close on the heels of the launch of (Homepage of millennials), and underlines the Indian Express Group’s commitment in bringing world-class products for Indian audiences. The platform plans to add more review categories in the future in addition to smartphones, as it sets about allowing Indian consumers with the exposure of the  most objective and credible product information available.

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