Tesla CEO worried about Space X.

Tesla CEO |Elon Musk

Elon Musk is known as the out of the box CEO and for good reason. Reports by Ars state that Musk had called for a meeting at 1 am on Sunday and specified that everyone is present. Musk had called on this emergency meeting at Space X that is his space exploration company. He wanted to analyse as to why things weren’t running as smoothly as he had presumed they would. He also wanted to know as to why Starship Factory wasn’t running all day long.

He wanted to know as to steel sheets weren’t getting folded into domes and fuel tanks and why weren’t tanks loaded onto the rockets. He basically wanted a review meeting wherein he could analyse as to why the factory wasn’t functioning at its best. In this meeting Musk’s employees said that they needed more manpower to bring that efficiency to the work environment.

Musk was in favour of Hiring but said that the person they hired should be worth the risk.

Shortly after this meeting, Musk had hired 252 people and the Space X Factory had double its manpower. Such hasty hiring happened one night at around 11-12 pm and all of them were asked to report for work the next morning.

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