Collector urges Pune Citizens to avoid gatherings amid Coronavirus.


Collector Naval Kishore Ram stated on Tuesday 9th March, that any kind of gatherings or meetings should be strictly avoided and legal action would be taken against those who would deny or not comply with these norms. This legal notice was instated when the count of novel coronavirus patients grew to 5 from 2 in the city.

The collector was urging citizens to avoid attending any kind of event or going to theatres or any kind of screenings. There has been no closure of Cinema Halls or any other kind of screenings in Pune, as done in Kerala, there should still be caution. The collector stated that his team has sent out notices to those holding events and gatherings and if they fail to comply they would face legal action.

The collector also stated that he has sent out five squads to collect the information about the five victims. These squads would verify whether these people have tested positive for COVID-19.
They are also in charge of keeping a list of the patients visited. Appealing to the doctors of the district, they have asked them to keep the information of the patients who come from foreign lands, separate.

As per latest reports, a total of 1,29,448 passengers have been screened at Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur airports. The Union Governments new notification stated that the passengers arriving from all over the world are being inspected at these three specific airports in the state.

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