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“The Integrated Platform provides consumer engagement and office management solutions.”

Rise Retail & Payment Solutions: Engaging Customers for Thriving Businesses

“In this age of the Customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with customers.” – Forrester Research Businesses change with changing technology, customer demands, innovative products, and competition. What does not change is the bottom line – Customer Connect and Engagement. A business is nothing without its customer. A product or service is what its consumers make out of it. If a product hits all the right chords with the consumers, it’s a hit. While it is easy for the big businesses to…….
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Maxtra Technologies: Technology Partner for Business

After a lull of almost a decade for software opportunities in the Indian retail industry, there is a sudden storm. Traditional Retailers are looking for solutions that can bring them on par with online retail and giants. This pressure of going digital and being relevant to consumers…
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The 10 Most Recommended Retail Solution Providers in 2019

EffiaSoft | Insights Success

EffiaSoft: Expediting Efficient, Intelligent and Affordable Technology

Founded in 2012, EffiaSoft Private Limited is a Point Of Sales (POS) and Billing platform development company based out of Hyderabad, India. The company’s vision is to be omnichannel at every billing point in...
RanceLab | insights Success

RanceLab: Simplifying Retail Business Practices

The Retail Industry in India accounts for more than ten per cent of the GDP. It has a place for small neighbourhood shops, big and international players as well as retail chains. With growing...
Lomoso Solutions Pvt Ltd | Insights Success

Walkins: Empowering Small Businesses with Technology

Shopping or Retail Therapy as some would like to call it is very dynamic and trends change with the customer, country, economic conditions, technology and more. But there’s no denying that the Retail industry...
Xtreme Media | Insights Success

Xtreme Media: Digitizing Retail Advertisement

When someone mentions Times Square, the first image that pops in one’s mind is a cross section bejeweled with billboards and advertisements. The flashier they are the better and not to forget that most...
Ahad Retail Ventures | insights Success

Ahad Retail Ventures: A Catalyst for Indian Retail and Fashion Industry

The Retail Industry is in a disruption phase globally. In India, the share of organized retail business is expected to touch approx twenty per cent by 2020 and the Indian E-commerce Industry is likely...

Interview With Insights Success

Pathfinder Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd | insights Success

Pathfinder: Providing Innovative Retail Solutions

The retail industry today needs innovative and out of box solutions to cater to the ever growing demands of the customer. These solutions needs to be quick , adaptable and futuristic keeping in trend...

CXO Standpoint

India retail revolution | Insights Success

India retail revolution: Relevance of brick-mortar stores in Industry 4.0

The 4th Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is the age of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, automation, and biotechnology. The idea is to use machine learning algorithms to train machines or computers, to mimic human learning...
The Magic Wand | Insights Success

Supply Chain – The Magic Wand

Decades before we all believed that ‘Quality comes with high Cost’; then the Japanese showed us that ‘Doing it right the first time’ increases the profitability. TPS (Toyota Production System) showed us how to...

India Rising

FDI and the Indian Retail Sector | Insights Success

FDI and the Indian Retail Sector

The Retail Sector is one of the biggest contributors to India’s GDP. It also has a high rate of employment.  A retail store is the final frontier of the manufacturing to consumer chain. It...

Providing Platform

Indian artisans | Insights Success

Required: A Retail Solution for Indian Artisans

India has been considered as a land of culture, colours and art. Art and handicraft have been an integral part of the Indian lifestyle from time immemorial. Statues and artefacts found by archaeologists at...