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Leading the Way to Enlighten the Agriculture Sector

The backbone of the economy, Indian agriculture is one of the sectors with great potential for triggering growth. Particularly, the AgriTech startups are witnessing a number of startups in India. This will be an eye-opener for the growers, wholesalers, importers, exporters and all for other stakeholders of every segment of agriculture for expanding and diversifying the business.
Agri-Tech startups will be an ideal platform for the business traders to display and introduce their latest product ranges, mechanization and technological innovations …….
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Company Of the Month

JOil: Ensuring Sustainability for Gen Z

A tech-enabled value chain integrator having pioneering expertise in Jatropha plant science and processing technologies is JOil India. In collaboration with Agroils, Italy the company has developed advanced patented technologiesy….
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The 10 Most Recommended Agri-Tech Companies

Aries Agro | Insights Success

Aries Agro: Providing Unique and Specialized Crop Nutrition Products

Since 1969, Aries Agro Limited, an Indian Multinational company is offering the widest range of products in the primary, secondary and micro-fertilizer sector, ranging from individual element to mixed specialty plant nutrient fertilizers. It...
Fasal | ananda prakash verma | Insights Success

Fasal: An Audacious Attempt Revolutionizing the Indian Agriculture Ecosystem

Fasal, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered IoT platform, helps farmers to make a data-driven decision. With the help of Fasal’s intelligent and actionable recommendations, farmers are now able to cut down their input cost...
Leanagri | Siddharth Dialani | Insights Success

LeanAgri: Creating Tech-enabled Solutions Benefitting Farmers

Agriculture plays a pivotal role in uplifting the Indian economy. The technology advancements are bringing in numerous opportunities and increasing investments in agricultural infrastructure. On the other hand, rising private participation, growing organic farming,...
sashanka agro tech ltd | Insights Success

Sashanka Agro Tech: A Prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of Greenhouse Material

India-based pioneer Sashanka Agro Tech Ltd. established in the year 1999, dealing with various Agrotech activities. Since inception, the company is helping to create a viable, economically profitable, and sustainable growth and it is...
Smur Agro | Udayan Arya | Insights Success

Smur Agro: Espousals of Organic Farming in India

Agriculture has been the mainstay of the Indian economy for ages and continues to be a dominant contributor to scaling the GDP of the country. Independent studies have revealed that the total agricultural exports...

CXO Standpoint

Agriculture Startups | Amardeep Sibia

Perspectives on Headwinds and Opportunities in Indian Agri Startups

Life of all the startups is characterized by what they achieve given the limited resources, money and time they have. At times these headwinds are demoralizing, due to non-productive use of the Startup’s resources....
Indian Agriculture Sector | Santosh Nair | Insights Success

Indian Agriculture Sector: Investment, Growth and Future Prospects

The GDP of India's agricultural sector amounts to an impressive US$ 262 billion. The industry remains the single largest contributor to the Indian economy, although its share of GDP fell from more than 30...

Agriculture Special

Agriculture Special | Insights Success

Agriculture Special

Are you up for a change this year? “Shop Locally, eat Seasonal, reduce Plastic and of course go with Organic Farming” Organic Farming! Sir Albert Howard is widely considered to be the “Father of Organic Farming”.           The...