The First of Its kind for Blackberry, Bags Software Deal with Automaker Giant Ford

Ford aims to develop cars for the future as it signs massive software deal with Blackberry. Blackberry is looking to enter into new areas for growth as it already succeeded to provide unrivaled security in smartphones and enterprise software solutions as it claims. BlackBerry’s QNX software will be used in Ford cars. Certicom security tech and audio processing software will also be provided to Ford cars from Blackberry.
“The future of the automobile is all about embedded intelligence,” said by John Chen, CEO of Blackberry on their  Ford partnership. Panasonic used to provide QNX technology to Ford for its  in-car infotainment systems.
With this deal, Ford continues its love for modernizing its automaker sector. Previously, Ford announced  to produce a fleet of self-driven cars for ride-sharing services like Uber in the near future. Uber has already launched a self driven car service in Pittsburgh in recent month. Ford has specified earlier this year that it plans to be shipping more than a thousand self-driving taxis a year to ride-sharing services in the near future.
Canadian Based QNX engineers team will be working Neutrino industrial operating system, as well as an overarching program that can control other operating systems and related security technology as mentioned by Blackberry officials. The Canada-based firm was once leading mobile producing company also specialized in secure communications and mobile productivity,  but failed to keep up with the likes of Apple, Nokia and Samsung. In recent years, it has tried to pivot away from hardware and focus on software, particularly in new areas like the automotive industry. BlackBerry has since lost its dominant position in the market due to the success of the Android and iOS platforms.
Use of QNX technology in cars will improve fuel efficiency while adding more electronic systems and reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). It also improves safety while introducing advanced connectivity and infotainment features. QNX software offers cluster, IVI, connectivity and ADAS with advanced security built in from the car to the cloud. So buckle up for an incredible ride with your Ford car with recent QNX software technology and drive safely.

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