The Rise of Women Leadership in Business

Women Leadership

There’s something to be said about the people, both men and women, who feel that a woman can’t do certain things. On second thoughts, there’s nothing to be said about this mentality. It’s all been said before. These are relics of the past, and we should just leave them in the past. At present, many women occupy the most dignified roles as some of the top thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, educators, politicians, and world leaders. And they are just getting started.

In the business world, significantly more women are CEOs, and business leaders of Fortune 500 companies and firms, than ever before in the 65-year-old history of Edgar P’s Fortune 500. These fierce and motivated women have, time and time again, challenged the status quo and redefined what leading a business is all about.

Charged with an indomitable spirit and a fervent passion for their work, ladies are breaking all stereotypes of being ‘unsuited’ or ‘weak’ or ‘emotional’ for any of kind of profession and acting as a source of unlimited inspiration for young girls and boys worldwide. And the fact that women traversing through the business world in every way possible has been nothing but beneficial for the business world, as we get newer and, in most cases, better perspectives on the same problems that have always troubled the business world.

The notion that someone must lose for someone else to succeed has been debunked time and time again. The word compromise, which once had a negative connotation in the corporate world, has been given a new lease on life. Understanding—according to the feminine perspective—is about listening to the other person, comprehending their requirements, and then finding an appropriate solution accordingly.

At large, the psychological community agrees that males are generally more interested in things or devices, whereas females are generally more interested in people. Studies further show that females are more inquisitive of others and open to pursuance of knowledge about other emotional and mental well-being, desires, goals and needs. Women being more people oriented, make better team builders and leaders. In a nutshell, women make the best people-whisperers; they are better at dealing with people and negotiating as a general rule.

These aforementioned things are barely scratching at the surface of the multitudinous ways in which women are transforming the business game. It would be cliché to state that women are ‘making new paths for themselves’ or ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ or some bromide of that sort. The fact of the matter is – owing to their skills, competencies, exuberance, vitality, never-give-up attitudes, patience, adaptability, and steadfast devotion to their goals – women are already the top players of their respective arenas.

In this fresh edition of the Insights Success‘Inspiring Women in Business’, we are honoured to feature the stories of some of the leading female leaders in the Indian business landscape, who are thriving at the top jobs with a happy-go-lucky smile.

The time has come to shed the need to differentiate between ‘leaders’ and ‘female leaders.’ The time has come to watch as these ladies take the centre stage.

So, sit back, relax, take some time off the drudgery, and brew a fresh batch. Because it’s going to be a good one.

Happy Reading!

– Aditya Umale

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