The Showstoppers of the Indian Start-Up Industry

Indian Start-Up Industry

India is gradually emerging as a prime hub for start-ups, providing numerous opportunities to rising entrepreneurs, who intend to make their mark and thrive in the business arena. Major reports state that the country’s start-up industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with focus on the b2b and deep tech spaces.

Moreover, many young entrepreneurs, who were once merely replicating successful business models, are now introducing innovative products and services. They are stepping up, while bringing their ‘A’ game into play and embracing out-of-the-box procedures to march ahead confidently and attain excellence.

In addition to increasing their own revenues, these start-ups are also contributing towards the rise of the country’s GDP, along with providing numerous employment opportunities to individuals. They are introducing fresh perspectives and ideas about how businesses can be revitalized efficiently. These start-ups stand a class apart, trying new things every time, with the objective of introducing path breaking products and services.

The leading start-ups of the country are providing their best services, while staying abreast with the latest developments. They play a key role in introducing innovation in businesses and revolutionizing major industries at the same time. Hence, to showcase the front runners of the Indian start-up industry, Insights Success comes up with the issue, ‘The 18 Innovative Startups to Look in 2020’.





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