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Mr. Chandrasekaran Iyer | Founder Zekko Tech Private Ltd

“India has seen a dream of Digital India. From the latest science to technology, everything should be available at the tip of one’s finger.” – Shri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

The Prime Minister of India launched ‘Digital India’ in 2015. Since its inception, India is strongly moving forward towards progress. It has provided immense opportunities to already existing companies and empowered aspiring individuals to take a step towards their dreams. Today, these visionaries have established some of the prominent companies in India. Among them, Zekko Tech Private Ltd is one leading startup, committed to provide timely, customized, integrated, and cost-effective solutions.

The company’s vision is ‘To be a successful global technology solution provider, trusted by its customers for its solution, delivery excellence, caring for its employees and collaborating with all out customers to deliver innovative, cost-effective and value-driven technology solutions’.

Zekko aims to provide end-to-end solutions in Telecom/Enterprise/IT/Industrial Automations/ Public WiFi Solutions and other allied sectors that exceed customer’s expectations. Its solutions enable businesses to build a powerful, secure and reliable communication network, thereby improving their product, Quality and service levels.

Its Unique Services

Zekko Tech Private Ltd was founded by eager and like-minded brains with diverse industrial backgrounds and rich collective experience of over 150+ years. These passionate innovative minds were united by an unquenchable thirst with a vision of standing by, for ‘Digital India Smart India Revolution’.

Established in 2016, the young and youthful startup with 3+ years of experience aggressively targets large corporates and MSME enterprises, Smart City projects, etc. Its unique, cost-effective telecom, enterprise, industrial automation & networking, smart cities, public wifi solutions and healthcare solutions are tailored to meet its customer’s exact needs. Along with these, the company provides procurement and supply chain consulting, strategic marketing research, which helps its clients to protect bottom-line up profits and front-line services.

Zekko ensures that its solutions are designed to suit customer’s needs, simple in architecture and easy to operate for years to come. To ensure reliability, the company sources components from industry leaders across the globe and integrates as per the design. Thus, Zekko creates technological and innovative advanced solutions for the customer, which takes care of their future tech and business growth.

The Industry Expert

Leading a company of passionate individuals who are committed for the betterment of the Nation’s future, requires personalities who firmly believe in the abilities of these young minds. These individuals use their years of experience to help the next generation in their endeavors. Zekko’s brainchild-cum-founder Mr. Chandrasekaran Iyer is one such dynamic personality who, with diverse experience, is leading Zekko and its team towards excellence.

Mr. Iyer has over two decades of hands-on experience in the field of telecommunication with the renowned industry giants and more than a decade of experience in Research and Development. After the Indian government’s revolutionary Digital India initiative, he was triggered to venture out, to synergize India’s growth path towards Digitalization. This venture was conceived in the form of Zekko.

After the emergence of advanced technologies, he felt it is important to pitch his expertise to industry stalwarts. This allowed him a path of exploration and helped him connect to his worldwide contacts to elevate the digitalization and IoT era in India.

A Promising Future

Though being an established solution provider in the telecom industry, Zekko is developing innovative solutions to enter a varied range of business verticals. In 2020, the company plans to provide its services for EV Charging Solutions, IoT based Industrial charging, automation solutions and Public WiFi Solutions. The company has started to heavily invest in the development of innovative fast-charging solutions for Electric Vehicles and IoT based industrial charging solution.

Zekko desires to equip the country’s youth to combat real-world challenges. Hence, it is planning to start a mid-size manufacturing facility & to set up a skill development training center for young engineers and technicians.

The company aims to support, train and develop a minimum of 5000+ resources over the next five years in futuristic technologies and opportunities. Such initiatives will help the youth to identify the right opportunities in the job market and will help future job employment constraints.

Zekko’s founder, Mr. Iyer strongly believes that the development of the organization lies with the youth and they are the future of India’s development. To support these initiatives, he is working with many organizations and investors who also believe in his vision to transform India to reach the height of technological excellence.

To know in brief about the company’s solutions and services, visit: http://www.zekko.co.in/index.html

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