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Meenakshi, Founder and CEO of Robotica and Art Splash Academy of Fine Arts

Robotica primarily started with a vision to educate today’s super-smart kids who want to explore about electronics and science. This course is meant for those who are always curious and want to logically improve their reasoning ability and start thinking, designing and looking for perspective learning. We train kids from the age of 7 years.

In our education system, Robotics is not taught at the school level. Only at the engineering level was it taught, and limited access and facilities made it a hard choice that was too late. Also, the costs were excessive.

Every student who attended Robotics classes was glued to it, and all the parents appreciated the syllabus. I had students from Dubai, Singapore, the US, and the UK who completed these on a fast-track basis. Even the schools brought in these much later in 2019 only in Chennai. We were one of the earliest to implement this in 2015.

Necessity is the mother of invention. So, after my 2nd child, I found a 9 to 7 pm job challenging to balance work and family. Also, as a parent, I felt not much of hobby classes or institutes had more focus on developing stem or art passion. Most of them seemed similar to schools where they lacked personalisation or customisation. Also, the owners’ involvement was only on books, and they never took it personally or even bothered to interact or bring it with a one-to-one focus. It’s not just branding or commercials but also the satisfaction of the customers and us personally. This was my inspiration to make a difference. I believed in quality over quantity.

I am an MCA graduate who worked extensively in ERP implementation globally, project management and head of IT previously. This helped me connect to my background and build up my institution. Commitment, service, reliability, being with them, and assurance for them.

The curriculum, choice of topics, lesson planning, experienced and child-friendly faculties, collaborations, certifications and most importantly, the feedback system. All these are the driving factors that have helped us grow and expand

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)—represents an important evolution in computer science and data processing that is quickly transforming a vast array of industries.

AI is best for completing complex human tasks with efficiency. ML is best for identifying patterns in large sets of data to solve specific problems. AI may use many methods, like rule-based, neural networks, computer vision etc.

Change and evolution is always welcoming and integrated in this industry. Adaptation and upgrading are the key always.

At present, we are conducting workshops at a few schools and colleges. Our team has the potential to serve more. We will be welcoming more regular sessions, elective subjects and curricula for schools and colleges. A few compete on this, but our curriculum is quite unique so its a question of marketing and reaching out and a kick-start opportunity that we would need to grow more. We are open for school and college regular and workshop collaborations. We want to expand our training this way.

Never quit. Never stop learning and taking risks.

About the Author

Meenakshi is a Woman Inspiration and Mompreneur awardee and a former IT professional. She has successfully been the Founder and CEO of Robotica and Art Splash Academy of Fine Arts since 2015. Robotica is a winner of Best Educational Start-up and Winner of Best Training Institution in STEM education. Art Splash Academy trains students on Trinity College London-based courses on instruments, vocals, Bharatnatyam arts and more.

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