Things to be considered for Managing IT Risks

Find out the Risk
Understand the risks, is what the initial step to manage them. The rising prevalent insider threat should be resolved through Access Control and Identity Management Systems
A Right Business Investment
Aligning IT risks with business needs will assist you to allocate the resources you need to manage those risks.
Check Out Risks Regularly
It is very essential to evaluate risks and manage control over it periodically which is a part of any business IT control strategy, and not just when a problem arises.
Implement the Right Controls, and Make Them Secure
Implementing the proper controls and grant access to your systems to only the right people, and then monitor and constantly check out the controls.
Compliance Isn’t the Same as Security
Securing systems and data may make you acquiescent, but being an acquiescent doesnot mean that you are secure. If your controls fulfilling your regulatory requirements, but do not mitigate risk, then they aren’t sufficient.

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