SecureLayer7: Time and Again Securing You

SecureLayer7 is an integrated business information security firm that specializes in comprehensive IT security services solution. The essence of SecureLayer7 lies in the team of individuals who have their roots as professional security testers and researchers.
SecureLayer7’s security experts are looking at security as deep as attackers are going. They provide their clients with a layered security architecture which provides information security services and solutions at the deeper level of the infrastructure and not just the perimeter.
Duo behind SecureLayer7
Sandeep Kamble is Founder & Lead Security Engineer at SecureLayer7 and as a security professional, Sandeep managed to debunk vulnerabilities/bugs in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Dropbox, PayPal, global insurance firms, government entities, financial institutions, telecommunications companies and TOP internet companies. Sandeep published articles can be found at Sandeep was a speaker at International Security Conferences ClubHack 2012 & Jailbreak Nullcon 2013.
Kishor Desarda, Co-founder & CFO of SecureLayer7, brings years of Financial and Operations experience to SecureLayer7. As a CFO, he directs SecureLayer7’s Finance, Accounting, and Legal functions. Kishor is also responsible for the continuance of SecureLayer7’s rapid expansion and strategic growth. During his time, he led financial operations during the fastest growing period in the company’s history, in excess of 65% year over year.  Prior to co-founding Securelayer7, Kishor founded Gazon Communication India — an ISP company. At Gazon Communication, he led the company through rapid growth and the acquisition.
Security in Every Aspect of IT infrastructure
The company offers umpteen varied services and solutions to provide clients with security in every aspect of their IT infrastructure. These security testing services have been designed in such a way that simulate the activities of a malicious attacker thus providing accurate assessments of the network, applications and everything else that is somehow associated with the IT infrastructure.
SecureLayer7’s Information Security Services
SecureLayer7 Information Security services include Application Security, Network Security and Configuration, Telecom Security Solution, Mobile Application Security, Server Security Solution, Source Code Audit, Web Malware Find & Clean, Server Configuration Audit, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Firewall Ruleset Review, SAP Security Service, Compromise Assessment, Architecture Reviews, Cloud Security Assessment, IOT Security and ATM Security Assessment.
SecureLayer7’s Information Security Products
SecureLayer7’s Information Security Products include Free Web Malware Scanner and PhishEye – Phishing Simulation.
SecureLayer7’s expert team aims at securing clients critical assets and making their IT infrastructure attack-proof. At SecureLayer7, they go a step ahead in delivering quality services tailored to clients needs. They aim to serve the most comprehensive security solution to the clients.
Like every startup, SecureLayer7 also faced many challenges. But the company’s core values kept them moving and helped them overcoming these challenges. Their core values include a commitment to innovation and excellence, a commitment to doing good for the whole, embrace and drive change, pursue growth and learning, do more with less, be passionate and determined, and a teamwork.
SecureLayer7’s Pride
The company takes pride in their technical finesse, tested and proven testing methodologies with comprehensive reporting, client satisfaction, Industry recognized security experts providing refined professional services, years of experience with remote as well as on-site services.
Their consultants are IT Security Engineers with more than 3 years of experience. They are all certified in OSCP, CREST, CEH, LTP CCNA, and RedHat.
At SecureLayer7, engagement with the client is not just about performing the testing and handing over the reports. They include the client in every step of the security testing process. They help organizations identify risks to their information security and prioritize those risks so that they can allocate resources in the most cost-effective way.
During each engagement, SecureLayer7 engineers meet with you regularly and communicate high-risk findings immediately. At the end of each engagement, they deliver a comprehensive report that is valuable to both the technical and executive levels. For technical staff, they detail the immediate threats across the enterprise and recommend the appropriate responses. For executives, they clearly communicate systemic issues and solutions, prioritizing risk management strategies based on resource constraints and risk goals.
The company serves for clients like Volkswagen, Annomap, Al Ahli bank of Kuwait K.S.C.P., Oman Insurance, Irshad, Product Dossier, Central Desktop, Gazon Communication, Waxspace Web Hosting, T.I. Infotech.
Future Vista
Cybercrime is a serious threat that will not soon fade. At SecureLayer7, the team is on the path to provide best possible security solutions to the clients for their application, systems, and networks in a time and cost-efficient way. They believe in working like a hacker would gain maximum efficiency. They are striving hard day in day out to provide their clients with new and innovative ways of securing themselves from cyber-crimes. Their work is not just a job that they perform. It is their passion and it excites them to cater to the requirements of their clients.
At SecureLayer7, their vision is to be the client’s first choice when they look for an information security specialist. The company aims at being the highest quality information security service provider. In the near future, they see themselves as the leading information security service provider globally. Besides, they will also be releasing products that will help organization’s further secure them.

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