Tips for the start-ups in the Consulting Industry

Business people have vision with some skills and expertise to run a business but with the broader change of growth in the economic conditions or with an unforeseen circumstances; those skills, expertise and vision can’t meet the goals of an organization. In those circumstances getting help from outside consultants can be helpful or may even prove to be a necessary step to save a business. However, the purpose behind getting a help from those consulting firms can be different, for example some may want to hire for a temporary assistance, others may want to hire for specific project or can even be for Government regulatory assistance or with respect to any socio-economic or political change.
Once you decide to start a consultancy firm, it is always good to know why companies now a days might want to hire your consultancy services; what the latest trend is and relate your skills to that. Having knowledge of a particular subject and having specialized skills, thrive and passion for that subject is the difference between a bad and a good consultant.
What could these consulting firm do when they have a task to perform? Or a problem to solve? Well, that depends upon the task at hand and based on that the consultancy firms can recommend, implement, provide information and facilitate client learning, lay out a strategy for solving a problem/issue/challenges or opportunities. You can choose to start a consulting firm in the field of career counselling, communications, auditing, advertising, accounting, marketing, human resources, insurance, taxes and writing services(in any field) or any other field which might interests you.
So, if you now are sure of opening a consultancy firm, here are some tips:

  1. Certificates, licenses and other qualifications requirements:

It is better to be sure beforehand about the licenses and any other required certificates. Those licenses and certificates depend upon the profession you choose to practice in. You also want to make sure you have required qualifications to get the job done. You should possess knowledge and latest information pertaining to your field. Companies hire you for your expertise, make sure you have that. You don’t want to fall in trouble once your client is at from door of your company.

  1. Make it to a contract specific:

Businesses don’t want to make a longtime or a lifetime commitments to consultancy firms as the companies also need to change the working scenario according to the changes in the economic climate. Make sure to adopt a contract structure where you don’t bind yourself to a particular company. You don’t want the same old traditional consultancy model and you might want to change or start with a freelancing work.

  1. Have a specific task(project) based revenue model and deliver results rather than recommendation:

You want to achieve the result by focusing on specific project rather than getting payment on hourly bases. Focus more on the strategy and giving outputs in the form of solutions rather than merely giving an advice. To survive in this competitive world, you need to deliver results in accordance with the problems given to you. Google and social media has transformed the social world. Any person can put a little effort and find recommendations/ advice and solutions as the Consultant, what all is required is the skill and passion to put all things together and deliver the final product.

  1. Treat clients as consumers and be ready to work with any level organization:

When you treat companies as clients, you tend to have more control over the situation, but when you treat the companies as a consumer, they are in power which is the backbone of any success. When you start a startup, don’t restrict your area with a particular level of organization. Small company problems make you confident for big challenges.

  1. Be flexible to change:

You need to adopt a flexible business model to keep up with this changing society. You might need to change according to the projects you have or change might be required due to unavoidable circumstances. Do not follow a rigid business methodology.

  1. Be available for your consumers anytime, anywhere:

It is time to bring a change and this can be the most important one. Be responsive to consumers anytime they want help and give answers to each and every communication. Be ready to answer questions by phone, email or any other available media.

  1. Differentiate your services:

To coup up with the ever growing market, know the services your competitor provides and differentiate them with your services. Bring some unique and innovative, new ideas and see your firm in the top of the list!
For what need the business company may consult you is unknown. But you are deemed a persons with skills and you may be called to teach employee, to bring a new life to a business/ organization, to identify problems, to provide a helping hand to the staff or may be called to do the “dirty work”. Whatever the work is make sure to give your best!
About the Author
Aurobinda Panda, Founder & Managing Partner of  Lex Protector  has worked hard to provide a platform to the firm to develop upon. Before the incorporation of the Firm, Aurobinda had been working individually and felt the necessity of a corporate organization in order to provide services more professionally. This is how Lex Protector started to get its shape. He has been continuously stratigizing and planning the growth model of the firm.

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