To Analyze Customer Feedback, Use ‘Geckolyst’

The MobME CEO Sathya Kalyanasundaram launches ‘Geckolyst’. It analyzes customer feedback to deliver comprehensible information for business enterprises.
Geckolyst is an easy feedback tool that aims to change and improve customer experiences with innovation. It runs on customer satisfaction survey, monitor and tracks the responses and analyzes the results using intuitive graph and charts. It’s natural language processing engine uses machine learning to categorize, analyze and rate every customer response and generates several scores that show the customer satisfaction level. The Geckolyst dashboard will give a clear idea about the level of satisfaction.
It helps to pay close attention to what customers say about their client using think feedback, social media, surveys, customer care centers or any other feedback touch point of their business. The robust technology of Geckolyst provides ease of integration with existing business data source, brings the ability to slice and dice data as per business need and supports to visualize the informational accuracy that makes it different. (NPS) Net Promoter Score that determines how likely our customer are to recommend the service to others.
“We have completed a decade of growth and are now focusing aggressively on customer experience analytics for all our enterprise customers,” stated MobME CEO Sathya Kalyanasundaram. They also said that “It will also mark the company’s next trajectory of growth. We have appointed a professional management team and it shows the ability of the company to adapt effectively to the imperatives of changing times to achieve the goals”.
MobME has been primarily focusing on offering mobility and related solutions to telecom players and has expanded its range of technology to cater the needs of their clients in airlines, e-commerce and retail sectors.

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