Cisco reveals Next-Gen UCS S3260 safe storage server, Cloud Suite

New applications such as video analytics, diagnostic imaging, streaming analytics, and machine learning requirement and create data that is “un-stored” and keenly processed in real time. Part of the the Cisco Unified Computing System (USC) portfolio, the UCS S3260 Storage Server provides rapid scalability and cloud connectivity to assist customers transform their data into business intelligence and insights.

Compared to traditional servers, the UCS S3260 covers up to 60 percent less space and consumes up to 59 percent less power. The server lessens the total cost of ownership (TCO) by over 50 per cent compared to a public cloud, with the potential to right-size infrastructure to proficiently power every workload.

The UCS S3260 provides a wide range of capacity and performance options with up to 600 Terabytes of storage capacity per system, frictionless scaling up to Petabytes with “UCS Manager”, cache acceleration and unified I/O connectivity for any type of data storage.

Cisco also declared the next generation of its “ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite”, a hybrid cloud software solution to bring a self-service portal that can be tailored for end users, application developers and IT professionals. The “ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite” presents Infrastructure Automation, Service Management, Cloud Management and the most important- Big Data Automation while decreasing risk with near real-time diagnostics and historical analysis.

Cisco’s strategy is to impart a data centre architecture that allow customers to “Analyse, Simplify, Automate, and Protect (ASAP) their data.