Top 5 Mobile Technology Trends to Watch Out in 2019

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Mobile technology trends are unquestionably something to know about. With regards to innovation—particularly mobile technology—if you are not open to gaining some new useful knowledge each and every day, you might lose out in the race.
If you are an entrepreneur, it’s a smart thought that you should comprise of discovering some new information in your specialty as well as realizing what your rivals are doing with every one of the technology in innovation that is not too far off.
One topic that should always remain on your radar is mobile. Furthermore, you ought to be asking yourself absolutely, “Since such an extensive amount my competition is nearly going mobile, by what means would mobile be able to applications enable me to develop my independent venture? How might I adopt mobile methodology?”
Not only is new and energizing technology penetrating the mobile development segment, however, the cost of adopting a mobile application for independent ventures will also really be inside reached in coming time. The affordable price alone ought to urge you to make “figuring out how to utilize mobile marketing.”

  • It’s All about Location-Based Services (LBS)

This year broke some great reason for location-based application services, and the coming time will surely take these new discoveries higher than ever. Location-based services will enable the business to offer clients continuous deals based on their area alone.

  • Augmented Reality and Utility Apps Make Great Couple

Augmented reality applications are thought by many to be gimmicky, however as they begin to incorporate with utility applications, they are rapidly turning into the most captivating applications out there today. The best part is their advantages to business can help the client engagement that millennial customer’s desire.

  • Artificial Intelligence Has Officially Gone Mobile

An ever-increasing number of developers are beginning to implant AI into their applications. This technology could be groundbreaking for the educational business. Applications that can instruct children to learn difficult concepts, in a lucid manner, could undoubtedly soar test scores over the globe. The same can be said for mobile business—applications that shop for you based on what you like. Envision your personal coach and personal customer, right on your phone.
On the off chance that you are hoping to roll out a few improvements to develop your business, you can’t stand to ignore building up a mobile application. When over 50% of your rivals are doing as such, you must choose the option to get on board.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology that is used in cryptocurrencies to record transactions. But if we go to the depth then we find out that it is much more than that. Blockchain enables us with a corruption-proof digital ledger for economic transactions. It has also the ability to program the recording of the financial transaction as well as anything else that holds a commercial value. The other trends include the use of cloud technology to reduce the impact of increasing features and functions on the internal memory of the mobile devices.

  • Mobile Payments

Google’s ‘Pay’ Service and Apple’s, ‘Apple Pay’, are the trend of mobile payments that has seen a remarkable surge. In the year 2017, there are gross mobile payments of US$780B globally. This is an indication that this trend is getting more popular day-by-day. Google’s ‘Pay’ app introduced in early 2018 and it simplifies mobile payments using Android Pay and Google Wallet. This has given way to the trend of replacing the use of debit and credit cards by use of pay based apps in the phone for making payments, proving to be a big push for the mobile-commerce.
Mobile consumer trends in 2018 prove that technology is penetrating deeper into our lives. Mobile development follows the latest innovations and offers convenient solutions. In the near future, we’ll see an increasing number of smartphone consumer solutions that will use multiple advanced technologies.

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