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The Tribal Box

The Tribal Box, founded in 2018, is a Digital Media company that brings to the audience a panorama of stories from all across the country. It is a treasure chest of stories that inspire, connect, and motivate the audience in the journey towards building a better, vibrant world. Headquartered in Bangalore, and other office in Mumbai, they create, distribute, and manage various media content for digital and social media platforms.

In an interview with Insights Success, Ms. Sanghamitra Khatu, Director of Tribal Box Media Pvt. Ltd., provided some enlightening and perceptive answers about the company, its journey, and its future plans and other endeavors.

  • Please tell us about your Company. What are the different types of Marketing solutions/services/products that your company offers?

The Tribal Box Media Pvt Ltd. is a platform for the younger generation to showcase their unique journey and share their story and aspirations with people. The idea is to bring to focus the positive, inspiring efforts of the individual.
At The Tribal Box, we don’t stop at just telling a story; we help and support our protagonists in their journey of life. The idea stems from the fact that we value every person and believe that every dream is important. There are a lot of dreamers in our society but there are very few people who believe in these dreams and support people to achieve their dreams. We help ‘switch on’ the dream button in your life by telling inspiring stories that connect and resonate with the audience. We also provide support in terms of publicity, mentorship and money to help people make and stick to their life changing decisions.
We are also launching our crowd funding platform to enable our consumers to play an active role in the lives of our protagonists who need support in realizing their dreams.
Apart from this, we are talking to Marketing heads of companies and pitching our stories as a marketing tool for helping brands resonate better with their target audience. Take note that we have the most active network of influencers with substance (musicians, designers, travelers, and sports personnel). These are real people who can influence the audiences to buy or use the product. The brand’s message can be demonstrated by a story telling format through the life of the protagonists. Also, this way the brand plays an important role in changing society and impacting young minds.
Some of our services/solutions are:

  1. Brand Integration and the protagonists being the face of the brand
  2. Ground connect events along with our protagonists
  3. Idea sharing and co-creation platform to collaborate to create something- be it music, product, etc
  4. Any other crowd sourcing requirement that a company may have. For example, product ideas, consumer feedback etc
  • Please enlighten us about yourself and how you are dealing with current problems related to the Marketing industry.

The Tribal Box took seed when I met young incredible people with beautiful stories to tell. I realized there is more to the younger generation of our country than meets the eye and unfortunately their timelines didn’t do justice to it. The core thought was to be a game changer in the society. So we started telling stories of incredible people around the block, and the rest is history.
The marketing industry today is struggling to create engaging content to connect with the consumers. The attention span of the consumer is short but having said that only short form content works is also a myth. Netflix’s long form content success story is a prime example to break that myth. When there is good content it always resonates but only a brand or a product spiel is not working in today’s world and hence brands are experimenting with various types of content to garner reach and impact for their brands.
We provide content creation solutions to companies to help connect with the consumers. Large reach numbers are easily achievable and is directly proportionate to the money spent. But engagement is the key factor; overall reach figures have no meaning unless there is real engagement and that will only happen when brands start playing an important role in the lives of the consumers. For example, today the fashion industry is being more inclusive of people. Body positive and going makeup less is being talked about and practiced. LFW too has changed its positioning over the years.

  • What is your take on the current scenario of ‘Marketing Industry’? What steps are you taking to make it better?

The Marketing industry is exciting today and digital is the way forward and companies are slowly changing strategies to attract consumers to their platform and transact with them regularly.
Today even the IT industry is using video content as a tool to create impact in their big pitch presentations. Bangalore IT companies are actually creating fiction content to explain their products and its features to its corporate clients.
CSR, which is the focus of every organization today and in some companies it has become the companies’ main marketing spiel, is also spending money to create impactful videos to demonstrate the change they have created in the society. Every company is trying to do its best to grab the consumer’s attention and is doing something to change their lives for the better. Isn’t that just amazing?
We are increasing our reach across India, scouting more stories and sharing them with our client companies, and helping them reach out to the consumers easily and quickly. We are in the digital space, story telling is our forte and so, we are assisting our clients to create impact and reach out to consumers easily and quickly. We are an end-to-end solution provider.

  • What traits or qualities does an organization need to have to excel in this highly competitive world?

A company just needs to be true to its core values and our entire being itself is about reaching out to people and helping them follow their dreams.

  • Which strategies do you follow to remain competitive with continuously evolving technologies and trends? How are you preparing yourself to become unique?

We are unique because we tell stories of inspiring people and engage with them regularly. You need to watch a few of our stories to understand this. On the backend we are working on creating mentors for a few of our protagonists, creating partnerships to help them with financial assistance, creating work opportunities and platforms for them to share their talent/story. Like they say, there is a lot happening behind the scenes.
Technology is a given in our industry. The best equipments, best editing soft wares, servers and great machines, OOT platforms are all means to an end and you can’t live without them. We simply keep upgrading technology; there is no choice about that.

  • Where is your company heading? What competitive advantages is your company providing to your clients in this contentious world?

We are heading to create the largest network of substantial people in India and that is our competitive advantage. Influential Marketing will be the highlight in the near future.

  • What were the problems you faced at an initial stage and how did you overcome them?

As any startup, we did face all the issue that everyone else faces – resources, money, infrastructure – all of it. We have worked hard, put our soul in it, slept less, worked on shoe string budgets, etc.

  • Kindly share your views on the future of ‘Marketing Industry’. Tell us something about your upcoming products/services/plans.

The future of marketing is in creating unique brand propositions and using real people to demonstrate this. The Tribal Box can be the enabler to help connect brands/products with the consumers.

  • What is your advice to the young entrepreneurs in the Marketing industry?

Create affordable products and services that can resolve a social issue and you will see a massive market opportunity. Dream big and it’s possible to achieve anything you wish to irrespective of our past and present. Only you decide your future and in turn the future of the society and our country.

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