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An effective experimental marketing campaign is a careful blend of creativity, technology, and people. By bringing a diverse range of services under one umbrella, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd crafts seamless and flawless experiences for the clients. The company was started with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between traditional ad agencies and event management companies, and act as a one-stop shop that serves every single need of a marketer.
NeoNiche is dedicated to strengthen the relationship between brands and the people. It offers a complete range of marketing services that deliver client clutter-busting experiences. With over decades of domain expertise and strategic global alliances, the company is offering marketing services across various platforms through digital initiatives, contact programs, activation plans, events, and exhibition.

An Enthusiastic and Passionate Entrepreneur
Driven by passion, versatility, adaptability, Prateek Kumar is the Managing Director and CEO of NeoNiche. He started his entrepreneurial journey by founding NeoNiche in the year 2011. Since childhood days, he has been passionate about entrepreneurship. With his sharp business acumen, Prateek has led NeoNiche from one milestone to another and today the organization is recognized as one of the most innovative enterprises in the country.

Besides his operational roles, Prateek is passionate about entrepreneurship & innovation. After starting his career in hospitality and hotel management, he actively participated in the growth stories of several start-up event agencies. This gave him tremendous on-ground exposure and hands-on learning.
His greatest strength is the ability to pick the right person for the right job and create self-sustaining and profitable ventures and then stepping aside to let the new leaders take the baton. He is also recognized as a domain expert who has a flair for business media and writes on subjects like brands, marketing, technology, and start-ups. From a cocoon to a butterfly ready to spread the cheer, both Prateek and NeoNiche continue to spread their wings and make the experiential marketing world “little more vivid, a little more vibrant”

Idea, Innovation, and Insights: The Pillars of Services
With the objective to create remarkable customer experience, the company designs and delivers tailor-made experimental marketing solution for their clients with the complete range of marketing services. The company caters to more than five hundred clients and has over eight thousand success stories since its inception. It has emerged as the premier marketing partner and the first business of its kind across the country. Idea-driven, innovation-focused, and insightful are the core qualities of the company and have become the DNA and driving force of the organization. NeoNiche promotes brands through events, integrated marketing services, road shows, exhibitions, conferences, digital marketing, customer contact programs, and social media. It is the only marketing partner/extension which offers the single window to the clients.

Professional Team Ensuring Lasting Experiences
NeoNiche introduced a very extensive management trainee program. It brings seasoned talent from the trenches and that resulted in a beautiful integration of strategy backed by execution. From the very beginning, the company has focused on performance management systems as part of the business. This has helped the organization to track progress, reward employees, introduce timely corrective measures, and inculcate a good brand image. The company leads the change from the front by being among the first ones in the industry to develop a system that paid all its stakeholders on a time. Surveys, polls, regular feedback, team-building exercises, action-planning sessions have helped NeoNiche deliver value to clients.
NeoNiche focuses on technology to amplify brand experiences. It is aims at artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality for better customer experiences. The company’s strategic tie-ups in tier 2, 3 cities, villages, and at the global level have enabled them to widen their reach and offer better services to clients. The company rolled out a very robust performance management system which is first of its kind in the industry to manage performance at all levels. The company’s professional team delivers world class marketing services to clients.

Value-Based Organization       
NeoNiche is based on the foundation of customer excellence and people practices. The company brings the culture of “respect” and “trust” with value-based policies for their people like “Recharge Breaks” and “Peer to Peer Spot Recognition Program”. The company has inducted initiatives like B2B Loyalty programs, Quarterly Customer Confidence survey, and introducing the element of “Technology” like AR/VR in creating experiences for their clients.

A Look into Future
The Indian marketing scenario is undergoing a phenomenal change over the last few years .It will continue to affect the economy of the country which will led to high standard of living, high per capita income with  economic development.

Progressing forward with a positive outlook for the future, the company is dedicated to design Innovative marketing services. The company’s vision is to cross the 100 crores  revenue in coming years. With expertise in this sector, it will continue to deliver challenging services.

Moving forward with a three year plan under vision 2020 cascade, the organization has carved annual goals and imperatives to become the most respected experiential marketing company in terms of people practices, customer excellence, and revenues in India.
Source :-The 10 Most Effective Integrated Marketing Solution Providers 2018

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