Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd – The Overview

Sanjeev Sareen, Founder & CEO, Mr.Abhishek Saareen | Executive Director | Trident F&B Consultants
Sanjeev Sareen, Founder & CEO, Mr.Abhishek Saareen | Executive Director | Trident F&B Consultants

IS: Kindly brief us about you and your journey since the beginning of your career.
Answer: The founder & CEO, Mr.Sanjeev Sareen, was working as Executive Sous Chef in a five star hotel in Delhi. In fact at the age of 27, he was the first ever youngest “Sous Chef of India.” he decided to do something more challenging. In 1991, he began to feel the need to guide new entrants as well as the established brands in the Hospitality Sector in carrying out various stages in a Project effectively and efficiently so as to get desired results. As a result of his dynamic vision, Trident F&B Consultants came into existence and the methods adopted by Trident F&B Consultants immediately became, and continue to be, the industry standards. The company got its first project in Delhi by the name of RS café. After that 2 projects at Nagpur including Haldiram’s at Anjuman Complex, Sadar. The journey began slowly but steadily.
As Mr.Sanjeev Sareen, is from F&B Production department so it helped the company grow faster. After graduating from Pusa Catering College (now IHM Pusa) in 1978, he worked with Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi for 3 years. He went abroad and worked in prestigious hotels in Libra & Egypt. After gaining overseas experience, he returned to Delhi to join Taj Palace Hotel in 1983. He had also worked at senior positions in Le Meridien hotel & The Lalit (Holiday Inn erstwhile), New Delhi. He is considered an expert in F&B Production & F&B Controls by many in the industry. Mr Sanjeev Sareen has got more than 40 years of rich experience in Hospitality Industry.
Mr.Abhishek Saareen, Executive Director of Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd, completed 4 years Bachelors in Hotel Management & Catering Technology from New Delhi, has exposure in The Park Hotel (New Delhi), The Oberoi Hotel & Trident Hotel (Mumbai) and overseas stint in Dubai (UAE). He takes care of the planning, execution and post-opening streamlining.
Today, TRIDENT F&B CONSULTANTS Pvt Ltd is one of the most award winning professionally managed Hospitality Consulting Organizations indulged in setting up Resorts, Hotels, Food courts, Amusement parks, and High efficiency Base kitchens, Industrial and Institutional Catering divisions in India. We are one of the most reputed & oldest hospitality consulting firms in India.
We are considered to be a leading & reputed organization well equipped to carry out Hospitality Projects all over India. We have a team of qualified professionals who can easily handle various technical aspects which come across at different levels in a Hospitality Project.
Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to providing Hospitality services maintaining high quality level, knowing the latest advances in the Hospitality sector, backed by a skilled & well trained work force.
In Trident F&B Consultants, the Panel of Team Members has a strong base that can take care of the assigned project effectively. We believe in total commitment and timely completion of the assignment.
Trident F&B Consultants has the requisite expertise to execute a particular Hospitality project from concept to completion stage.
IS: How do you describe yourself in one-word or one-sentence?
Answer: Maestro or best in the field of restaurant set-up or base kitchen consulting.
IS: What is your source of motivation?
Answer: When we are able to contribute to our clients’ success, we are satisfied and motivated to help them in achieving their professional dreams.
IS: Kindly tell us about the challenges you faced to withstand the complexities of the industry. Answer: During early years of establishment, it was very difficult to get the projects as the awareness was very less. Still with patience, we managed to run the show with challenge-facing abilities. In order to overcome the challenges, we have worked really hard and stayed motivated throughout our journey to become one of the key players in the world of professional hospitality consulting. We could do that only with a clear vision while keeping our core values intact.
IS: Kindly describe in detail about your company and its unique services/products.
Answer: Please find the details of the aspects of the consultancy provided by our company as follows:

  1. Planning of the Food Outlets:Planning of the food outlets is bifurcated into two categories:-
  2. a) Theme
  3. b) Menu

Theme of the restaurant shall precisely depend on the menu and the cuisine. We help in choosing the regional Menu and Theme and their proper execution and implementation with the help of the interior team which is on our panel. We are experts in planning of High class Food Courts, Sweet shops and Theme based restaurants with diversified menu i.e. Mediterranean, Far-East, European, Ethnic Punjabi, Exotic Sea-Food, Speciality South Indian, etc.

  1. Managerial Consultancy:Managerial Consultancy is very important for the beginners. Since they are not well-verged with the Restaurant & Hotel Operations, we offer our help for the smooth functioning for quite a few days after opening. Our team can handle any kind of situation that comes across during the ongoing process.
  2. Systems & Procedures and their implementation:Systems and procedures are generally made but due to certain hiccups during Operations they are not implemented properly. Therefore we try to put them into the mainstream.
  3. Kitchen Planning & equipment selection:Kitchen Designing is one important aspect of the Facility Planning. Kitchen is the nerve of any project so utmost care is taken as far as work-ability and Space Utilization is concerned. Once the layout is finalized, then we submit the detailed Service Drawings i.e. Electrical, Plumbing, LPG/ CNG/ PNG, Exhaust-Fresh air, etc.
  4. Feasibility study:At the pre-conceptual stage, we offer our services for the study of viability and feasibility. That includes all the positive and negative points as far as the location of the project is concerned and the projected clientele and the estimated footfall.
  5. Project reports:Project reports are prepared in co-ordination with the Chartered Accountant to give a fair view of the monitory aspects.

Other areas of Involvement:

  • Sick unit handling
    We undertake the peculiar task of Profit making from those units which are “Sick”. In other words, we provide managerial consultancy to those establishments which, due to some or the other reason; do not reach the “break-even point”.
  • Planning of bulk catering establishments
    Be it an Educational or Institutional Catering which provides meals to more than 2,50,000 people per day, are also designed by us keeping in mind the space utilization, facilities for the bulk production & faster dispensing of food.
  • To provide the measures for effective cost control
    If your food court/restaurant goes “haywire”, then you tend to make losses. So we suggest some very versatile measures to curtail the soaring costs.
  • Output & Profit Enhancement
    Output is directly related to Profits. Per shift & per staff output can be enhanced by following few simple methods being suggested by us.
  • Technology

We have complete knowledge of the ‘use of new/prevailing technologies’ in regards to the Hospitality industry.

  • Strategy Planning
    Strategy planning is very important in order to achieve the goals. So we do plan the workable strategy to ensure better results. We suggest the effective measures to patronize the regular customers.
  • Staff Training

We Conduct staff training on regular basis to ensure the better results. Our USP is that we charge very reasonably; offer all the committed services and we remain there even after the opening with the restaurant operator.
IS: Brief us about the current industry scenario from your perspective.
Answer: We, at Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd., strongly believe that India with its economic growth, is seen as most potential market for doing food business. F&B industry is growing at a very fast pace.
IS: State us your major achievements and your company’s achievements under your leadership.
Answer: Achievements

  • We have done more than 600 Hospitality projects spanning almost across the entire country.
  • Certificate of Competence has been awarded to Mr Abhishek Saareen by FSSAI in “Food Safety – Manufacturing”.
  • Our Executive director Mr.Abhishek Saareen has been awarded the “Entrepreneur of the year 2018” for his exemplary work as an entrepreneur by Mr.Bhupesh Kumar, Principal, Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology; Mr.Jag Pravesh Chan Gupta, Learning & Development Manager, Accor Hotel Group and Mr.Swaroop Sinha, Principal, ITC Hospitality Management Institute.
  • “Best Indian Restaurant Consultant/Business Mentor of the year 2018” by Indian Restaurant Awards, 2018 (Franchise India) has been awarded to our company in JW Marriot Hotel, New Delhi.
  • “Everest Awards 2018” by Zoom Delhi has been awarded to our company.
  • “10 most promising Hospitality Consultants, 2017” by Consultants Review magazine featured our company in November, 2017 special issue.
  • Insight Success magazine lists our company as one of “50 Most Prominent Consulting Companies, 2018” in January, 2018 issue.
  • Mr Abhishek Saareen was awarded the 1st position in Facility Planning Competition by Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, New Delhi in 2008.
  • “Certificate of Excellence” has been given to Mr Abhishek Saareen by Vegit Victor Company in the year 2006.
  • Mr Sanjeev Sareen and Mr Abhishek Saareen write on various topics for the global hospitality industry and their write-ups/interviews get featured in lot of magazines/newspapers like Times of India newspaper, Consultants Review magazine, Food & Beverage News magazine, AAHAR, Ingredients South India magazine, Apeda agrixchange, Saffron Media company, India Retailing company, Gulfood, Food Service magazine, Insight Success magazine, Alpha International trade, Kailmart, Grains Asia magazine, Bakery Update magazine, Hotels and Restaurants Network, Food Today magazine, Propak Asia, Images Group, Nuffoods Spectrum, Restaurant Times, FSSAI, Processed Food Industry magazine, Food marketing & Technology India etc.

IS: State the passions, aims, and goals of the Company.
Answer:Trident F&B Consultants has always been values driven. Our Core Values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide us how we should behave and make decisions:

  1. Integrity:Integrity is of prime importance to us and this will be reflected through the maintenance of transparent and highest ethical & moral practices in every aspect of our operations. We match our behaviors to our words & take responsibility for our actions. We strongly believe that knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.
  2. Respect:Valuing everybody’s contribution, giving due respect to self and others while maintaining the environment of team work and growth. We believe in the inherent worth of people and honor our relationships with those who let us be a part of this world.
  3. Passion:Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best. We enjoy what we do, have fun and celebrate small successes in our journey to achieve big.
  4. Commitment:Committing to provide great service and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the organization. We are also committed to have a great sense of responsibility and give contribution to society that defines our existence.
  5. Excellence:Giving the best to our clients and achieving excellence each passing day, thus resulting in unmatched results for all round satisfaction.

Trident F&B Consultants envisions being a world class player engaged in providing Professional Consulting Services to the Hospitality Industry dedicated to offer the best to the clients.
We aspire to have a well-trained workforce who keep learning & evolving themselves, taking pride of ownership in transforming the organization’s vision into reality.
IS: How do you see yourself and your company in the near future? Tell us about your future goals.
Answer: These days even small entrepreneurs also want to hire a consultant for a small project. This could have been possible because of the growing awareness about consultants, their popularity and their importance in a project. This trend is only going to go upwards so the future is bright and the scope is growing as new people and groups are entering the hospitality industry and thanks to the Govt. policies which encourage the fresh entrepreneur. We have done more than 600 hospitality projects. We aim to accomplish 1000 projects by 2025. We envisage ourselves as touching wider horizons, grow manifolds and contribute to the society in various ways in the coming years.

  1. What would you advise to the budding entrepreneurs?

Ans. For the young entrepreneurs, I want to say that “Sky is the limit”. They should move forward with crystal clear vision & strong passion to achieve their goals.
“Factors according to you that Influence Business Relationships- Integrity, trust, mutual respect, commitment and transparency.
IS: Kindly talk about your prestigious clients.
Answer: We have done more than 600 Hospitality projects spanning almost across the entire country.

  • Few clients: Haldiram’s, ISKCON, Imly, Gulab, Bikaji, BTW, Sandoz, Bhikhaaram Chaandmal, Comesum, Gopal’s, Gopaljee, Gopala, Mohini Tea, L.S Caterers, Tewari Bros. Mithaiwala, Om Sweets, Kanwarji’s, Combermere Hotel (Shimla), B.G Naidu (Tamil Nadu), Ministry of Defense (DRDO)
  • We are one of the most reputed & oldest hospitality consulting firms in India.
  • Our USP is that we charge very reasonably; offer all the committed services and we remain there even after the opening with the restaurant operator.
  • Our successful Projects include Hotels, Motels & Resorts, Restaurants, Clubs & Recreation Centres, Institutional & Industrial Cafeterias, Fast Food Chains (QSR), Food Courts, Commissaries & base kitchens, Sweets production factories, Bakery & Confectionary Outlets, Restro-bars, Lounge & Cafés, Mithai Showrooms, Catering companies, Banquets, Take-away joints & also the Non profitable organisations as well as the Government organisations.
  • We came into existence in the year 1991.
  • We have done several Hospitality projects in states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi (& NCR), Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya , Odisha , Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & West Bengal and still counting.
  • Having a team of qualified personnel to handle various technical aspects which come across at different levels in a hospitality project.
  • Having capability to take a project from concept to commissioning stage, we believe in commitment.
  • We are dedicated to providing hospitality consulting maintaining high quality level, knowing the latest advancement in the hospitality sector, backed by a skilled & well-trained work force.
  • We have the expertise: Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has the requisite expertise to execute a particular Hospitality project from concept to completion stage. Ever since we started the Organization, the methods adopted by us became, and continues to be, the industry standard.
  • We empathize with the client: At every stage of our involvement with the client, we always put ourselves into the client’s shoes visualizing the operations and think what difficulties he or the end customer may face if we do a particular thing in a certain way. Then based on our experience, we give solutions removing all the hitches & the bottle necks in making the operations smooth and also keeping in mind the end customer’s satisfaction. We keep learning and evolving in order to give our best to our clients wherever we do business.
  • We can make the project very cost effective with our years of experience in the field.
  • We stop the business owners/management to make wrong decisions.

We offer total solutions under one roof. We are a diversified & experienced group of hotel and hospitality industry experts and specialists, providing sound advice, needed to successfully resolve complex issues related to ownership, lending, franchising, management, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. We provide expertise & counsel to make the business profitable.
The importance of hiring us for launching & success of a business can be traced by the following:

  1. We ensure timely completion of the project.
  2. We have the knowledge of the current trends in the Hospitality sector. Hence, we incorporate new food & beverage items in the menu and also the latest restaurant/food service trends. We also have complete knowledge of the ‘use of new/prevailing technologies’ in regards to the Hospitality industry.
  3. We can make a particular project very cost effective.
  4. We guide how to make the project successful with respect to its marketing strategies, menu items & their costing & pricing, full-proof ROI calculation etc.
  5. Conducting staff training on regular basis to ensure the better results.
  6. Stopping the business owners/management to make wrong decisions.
  7. Ensuring smooth & hassle-free opening of the project.

We keep transparency and work on mutual understanding and our liberal norms are few other benefits our clients are getting from us.

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