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Rajesh Banerjee | Director and Co-founder | Pinnacle Teleservices
Rajesh Banerjee | Director and Co-founder | Pinnacle Teleservices Private Limited

Digital presence is inevitable today for businesses. The first place people search to look for a business or even a nearby shop is the internet. As such, the presence or absence of the digital network becomes even more crucial. With a mission to modernize and simplify business communication, to make technology affordable and easy to integrate with businesses Pinnacle Teleservices has been in the fray since 2008. At Pinnacle, an agile team of 150 young and energetic members strive hard to provide hybrid solutions in mobile marketing. The company has emerged as a leading digital mobile solution house offering value additions in messaging, voice solutions, emails and Telecom solutions like – SMSC & USSD, Chatbots, cellular events, social media, OTT and Data analytics. Additionally, the company is also present in the field of wireless technology which consists of RFID identification, Bluetooth and Beacons.
Empowering Business with Services
Pinnacle offers creative engagements, brand activation, end to end integration, real-time analytics and database profiling when it comes to business communications and marketing initiatives. At the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, the company launched its indigenous chatbot platform – “PinBot” based on artificial intelligence (AI) platform that interprets customers input or behaviour and generates feed-backs in form of text messages, Images, GIFs, Audios or Videos during the chats conversation.”PinBot” is one of the best platforms where businessess can build Chatbot channels to make the brand talk and sell to customers through real-time messaging. Customers can create their bots that can help to open automated sales, customer service, or any other type of relationship channel.
WhatsApp, the worlds most popular messaging app launched “WhatsApp for Business API” for Medium and Enterprise Businesses. Pinnacle is now one of the select official solution providers of Whatsapp Business services globally, to offer business solutions and simplify conversations.This means the company can now start officially onboarding business on WhatsApp Business API’s globally in 180 countries. Pinnacle is now working with Google aiming its readiness for the up-coming RCS Business Messaging globally.
Looking at the Sector
Messaging is the largest way of communication with over 5 billion users in the world. India alone has 1 billion mobile subscribers and growing, making it one of the biggest telecom markets in the world. The A2P messaging is in a nascent stage in India with an average of 13.5 SMS consumption per user per month which stands against approximate consumption of 53 SMS for the rest of the world. So the industry is going through interesting times. The regulations and the new reforms in India have also helped the industry to grow and organize. The Indian messaging market is on the roll with tremendous growth potential as compared to the rest of the world. This has also resulted in strong growth in the sector which will drive the bigger players in an impeccable position.
Eyeing the Future
Over the decade, Pinnacle has evolved to reflect the company’s growth from a small team to a present strength of 150 plus teammates, making it a trusted provider of global communication solutions. Under the company’s stringent work processes, it is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified company. It has also been awarded and acknowledged as among the most promising telecom Solution Providers for offering innovative solutions.
As more and more people are getting digitally connected, digital marketing is getting more powerful and allowing users to self- select their own experiences. The marketers are gaining the ability to bridge media, collect feedback, iterate their message, and collect relationships for an actionable and measurable objective. Pinnacle is very much focused to create its own “market place” with some futuristic products to help brands engage audiences. It is all set to increase its market share further by forming the right alliances and aggressive sales strategies.

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