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Mr. Sandeep Khot, Director, TSW Packaging Solutions

The Packaging industry in India is on a growth trajectory, enhancing itself at the rate of 22% to 25% per annum. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the country has been emerging as a hub for the packaging industry. India has shown tremendous expansion in terms of exports when it comes to the packaging sector.

The rapidly increasing packaging segments in the country are laminates, Paper Packaging and flexible packaging. From the past few years, the packaging industry have become an important sector which is leveraging technology and innovative solutions enabled by the country by adding value to different manufacturing facilities.

These units include Automobiles, Pharma, Food, agriculture, Textile, etc. The development of global packaging industry is in with sync to the Indian packaging industry which is just growing day by day. This growth is particularly driven by elements such as Food Processing businesses, FMCG, Healthcare, Manufacturing Industries, and enhancement of Pharmaceutical Resources. Contributing significantly to this growth prospectus of Indian packaging sector, is TSW Packaging Solutions.

It is an authorized distributor of Signode India Limited. Signode Industrial Group is a leading global manufacturer of strap and protective layer packaging consumables along with various tools and equipment. The palette of offerings provided by the company helps in protecting other goods during various processes such as manufacturing, transportation and warehousing. TSW has recently started manufacturing of Corrugated Paper Products.

“We are also authorised distributor for Zavenir Daubert and Forbes Limited,” says the team of TSW. Daubert facilitates specialised Rust Prevention products whereas Forbes Limited specializes in Metal Marking and Laser Marking Machines. The company provides total industrial packaging solutions to its customers. It varies from printing to dispatch. TSW considers itself as a supply chain partner of its customers. It provides Printing, Rust Protection, Cleaning, Cutting, Packaging, Surface Protection, Transit Packaging, and Cushioning Products.

A Visionary Leadership

TSW was founded by Mr. Sandeep Khot. He is the Director of the company having a Master’s Degree in Packaging from the Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai. He completed the said degree in the year 2008. He also holds another degree namely, B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering from Konkan Krishi Vidyapith, Dapoli – Ratnagiri.

Starting from Humble beginning from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Mr. Sandeep’s strength lies in his business acumen, negotiation skills, team driving ability, and ambition to succeed. He is a strong advocate of Work Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Business with Customers, Vendors and Principles.

Mr. Sandeep started his career with Signode in August 2008 in field engineering department. He quickly moved to product development and was promoted to a sales personnel position in 2010. He has won three Annual Eagle Awards in Signode for the financial year 2010, 2012, and 2015 respectively. Some of his key assignments in Signode include Mimalite Pre-Stretched Oriented film Development, Established Shrink packaging in PEPSICO, Cushioning Market Survey, Cushioning Product Development, and Channel Sales Management.

A ‘Packaged’ Deal

TSW is very transparent with its suppliers, principles, customers and team members. The company’s 360-degree approach towards business has helped them reach to new heights. There are a lot of opportunities and improvements required in Packaging Industry. Packaging is one of the most important elements for any product. There is huge scope of Automation in Indian Packaging Industry. The need of the hour is timely supplies to a variety of businesses from different industrial domains. The challenging part at present for the industry is the demand for skilled manpower and attitude of other people towards the overall packaging process and system.

Given the status of the current industrial scenario of the packaging industry in the country, TSW ensures the optimum solutions are facilitated to its customers while serving them as the one stop solution provider in the market. “We work on just in time delivery for our customers thereby reducing the overall costs incurred by them,” shares Mr. Sandeep. Service is the key in any industry. The company ensures that machines and tools are serviced within 18 hours of submission.

On top of that, TSW is keen on its core values. One of the core values that the company incorporates and operates on is continuous self-improvement. “We have rewards for the same,” describes Mr. Sandeep. The company has an edge over other competitors because it enables total packaging offerings to its customers. TSW is also planning to start manufacturing of plastic products soon.

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