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Shirish Vaidya, CEO, Vaxom Packaging

The Packaging industry in India is one among the high growth industries which are developing at a rate of 22-25% per annum. Gradually, as Make in India catches up with industries, India has the potential of becoming a preferred hub for packaging market worldwide.

Industry reports had pitched the market size of the country’s packaging industry to touch USD 72.6 billion by FY20. In this issue of Insights Success, wherein we bring ‘India’s 10 Most Valuable Packaging Companies to Watch in 2020’, we start by detailing the contributions to this huge growth by Vaxom Packaging, a company set up with a view to providing comprehensive pre-sale consultancy, asset deployment and service support to customers in the Indian Sub-continent and South Asia.

The Inception

Vaxom is the brainchild of Mr. Luca Olivery (MD Axomatic SRL), Mr. Giovanni Nochita (Sales Director OMAG SRL) and Mr. Shirish Vaidya (CEO Vaxom Packaging). These stalwarts have been working in the packaging sector for the last 15-20 years and have experienced world markets as well as technological trends.

The real inspiration to start Vaxom came during one of the world events when one of the Top pharma company’s MD commented saying “we do not know when we can get these latest technologies matching to our requirements in our own den(India).” With these comments, the brainstorming started and the trio concluded that they must start India operations.

The core management understood that in order to succeed in a market such as India, it is of utmost importance to understand the culture and the way people conduct business. They understood the need for a partner on grounds and hence, established a trusted local team in the nation and started working with Vaxom Packaging.

So in 2012, Mr. Shirish Vaidya started this venture along with Mr. Sanjay Pawar as Indian operation for Axomatic and OMAG. In these 7 years, Vaxom has delivered the most challenging projects in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics market providing the most economical and efficient solutions. Vaxom successfully operating in complex market situation with year on year growth more than 30%.

Quality Solutions

Vaxom Packaging offers very crucial solutions in High speed and Highly accurate systems in primary packaging area for semi-solids and liquid majorly. Vaxom also handles the high-speed requirements for solids and powders in flexible packaging domain.

The major focus of solution generation is having a customer focussed approach with economics in mind. The major cutting edge comes from adapting the high-end technology to customer requirements and then amend them to become viable over the period.

Processing and packaging solutions from Vaxom are perfectly suited for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, adhesive and chemical applications. From formulation processing and tube filling machines to stick pack and sachet machines specially designed to handle solid, powdery, granular, pasty or liquid products, Vaxom provides solutions that completely automate your packaging line right up to packaged cases that are ready to ship.

Vaxom also has a team of well trained technical service experts along all domains to ensure the customers are supported round the clock. The company has established a network to build complex parts in India, in order to reduce costs as well as the speed of deliverables for future customer needs after investing in technologically high-end solutions.

The Opportunities and Underlying Challenges

The Vaxom Team was right in anticipating India as a promising hub. Today Vaxom is very established in providing advanced technological solutions. The technical solutions provided economically generated huge business growth for clients. This reflects in the 80% of new orders which come from existing customers for Vaxom packaging.

Today the pandemic has generated huge opportunities in the technological sector. The organisations which were orthodox in their perceptions, are changing and have started focussing on technology. However, the massive growth opportunities are also equally challenging for technology adaptation.

There are n number of challenges as the language barrier in technological transfers, economical viability so on and so forth. However, Vaxom is sure to turn challenges into favours with a very customer-centric approach which has, throughout, been the key to its success.

Rising up to the Pandemic Challenge

The current pandemic situation has created disruption in every field and Vaxom hasn’t been untouched. The company faced the impact initially but after evaluation the team upgraded its skill sets for latest technological use like Zoom/ Google meet in order to keep in touch with its customers as well as team members. The seamless contact and communication kept the team bound in the same fashion before pandemic and helped to get business back on track in very short time.

Being in the pharmaceutical industry (Essential services) proved to be an advantage during this crisis. This made Vaxom a little less impacted or comparatively less shock prone as the company had a minimal impact of stoppages. However, it also created an additional requirement to cope and match the actions in Pandemic situation. A lot of efforts from HR and senior management went in to training and adapting the New Normal life with pandemic situation. “With proper training and following the new normal rule we have got through this tough times successfully. Now its life style change for each and every member of Vaxom Packaging,” says the team.

Looking Forward

Vaxom today, has many installations to its credit and a larger number of very happy customers who consider it a partner in their growth. The company is focused on reaching its goal of doubling turn over in the next 3 to 5 years. It has also planned major expansion in manufacturing for Indian market as well as supporting the Italian manufacturing by providing economical and fastest solutions.

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